Alyssa Accardo in new film “Adults”

Alyssa Accardo is a film and TV actor based in New York City. She grew up in a small town outside of Buffalo, NY. She has a bachelor’s degree in theater and visual arts from SUNY New Paltz. Alyssa is best known for her starring role in the feature film The Killer in the House, where she plays the girl next door with a dark side.

Alyssa fits the girly Disney Channel type but is excited to see where her career can take her when she starts to mature as a woman. She is also interested in acting in horror films. Alyssa has started modeling as well. She loves exploring interesting places in the city. Her previous work consists of various NYC student films, commercials and music videos.

Alyssa enjoys drawing and painting. She’s been painting ever since she was a young girl. She loves to listen to music and dance. She has a very supportive family which drives her to continue to pursue her acting & modeling career.


Alyssa Accardo (Photo Credit: Raul Vargas Photography – @rvargasphotography)

Meet the Artist: NY Elite Interview with Alyssa Accardo

NY Elite: What are you latest and current movie projects?

Alyssa Accardo: I did a short horror film called “Confessions” its about a girl who is being stalked by this man. There’s a twist at the end but I won’t give it away. My most recent project was an independent film called, “Adults”. It’s about two independent adult actresses attempting to find meaning in their work and relationships. It’s pretty hilarious.

NY Elite: Can you tell us about your character in the film?

Alyssa Accardo: I play the leads friend who is in the adult industry. She’s a ditzy, perky girl that craves attention from men. It was fun! There was a super fun scene in it. It really got me out of my comfort zone.

NY Elite: What was it like working with the director?

Alyssa Accardo: He’s a very good friend of mine. We worked together on his last film, The Killer in The House. He is very talented and super passionate about every thing he does.

NY Elite: In which movies have you played lead role?

Alyssa Accardo: In 2016 I played the lead in the slasher film, The Killer in The House

NY Elite: Among all your roles so far, which has been your favorite one and why?

Alyssa Accardo: Riley in The Killer in The House. I felt I was cast perfectly for it. I played this shy young girl going through a really emotional time. That was my first ever feature film. It was a 10 day shoot on location. It really was a learning experience for me. Being on set and working with a group of people for that long. Also just giving myself time to really get into my character.

NY Elite: What do you enjoy most about your acting career?

Alyssa Accardo: I enjoy the process and the progress. I’m still in the very early stages of my career. It’s mind blowing to look back at these last 2 years I’ve been really focusing on acting and seeing everything I have accomplished. It’s only the beginning for me and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I’m taking classes and just really learning everything there is to know about this business. Each year I get better and better and feel more confident in myself.

NY Elite: What other hobbies and interests do you have?

Alyssa Accardo: I am a scenic painter. I paint sets for different theaters and productions. It’s great I have a survival job that still allows me to be in the industry. I love modeling! I’m really into fashion and art.

NY Elite: Are you working on your next project now?

Alyssa Accardo: Right now I decided to really focus on getting better. I’m enrolling in on going scene study classes that I’m super pumped about!! I’m also working with a few agents right now in their commercial department.

NY Elite: What personal advice would you give to someone about impressing the directors during audition? How to audition?

Alyssa Accardo: Practice, Practice, Practice!! I have horrible nerves when I step into an audition. I’ve been learning different techniques such as relaxation and sense memory to help settle them. My best advice I could give is don’t try and impress anyone. Come into the room prepared and give your best read. If they like you great and if they don’t then oh well. Give it your all and then forget about it.

NY Elite: What causes/charities you actively support or feel strongly about?

Alyssa Accardo: I’ve volunteered a few times at my local animal shelter. I’m also looking to join my friend at his church to help feed the homeless. Unfortunately here in the city that is a big issue.

NY Elite: What are the things in your life that you’re most grateful for?

Alyssa Accardo: My family and my best friends. They are my number one support team in my life. I don’t really know what I would do without them. It’s a tough business. It can really tear you a part. It’s important to have someone to lean on when things get rough.



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