New Film “Black Paradise” by Sokol Martin Pepkolaj

Interview with Sokol Martin Pepkolaj , the director of the movie “Black Paradise” (Parajsa e Zezë) and actor David Harrison.

How did you get the idea for the movie?

The idea for realization of this film was born as a result of the rise of this phenomenon because terrorism is increasing day by day world wide, so to bring awareness to people and prevent this phenomenon from happening and fighting it is the idea behind this film. Through this realization, humanity will be actively be sensitized to react strongly against terrorism and stand against it.

When are you expected to start shooting for this movie?

Shooting will begin within this year, we have not set the date yet. We are in the preparatory stages.

What is, more or less the theme, which is dealt with in the film?

In short: a secret service activity that fights terrorism and because their idea is to create a base in Albania. The terrorist act is detected and prevented.

How many actors will participate in the film?

Five actors are key actors, the base on the film’s interpretation, but there are also others. There are also foreign actors from Hollywood, but they will remain a surprise. Still not a list of final actors; there will also be held a casting.

Where will it be filmed?

The film will be shot 80% in Albania and 20% out in Germany and Italy.

When do you think the film project is being finalized and where it will promoted, will appear?

The film will first appear outside Albania and then in Albania.

Do you have any difficulty about spending, cost, and sponsorship of the movie?

Until now, we have had no difficulty.

David Harison: No matter what role I have, but it is important that we are working hard, just as we have thought.

How do you expect the role in the film and is it easy to play alongside Hollywood actors?

David Harison: We leave everything to the time and the top of success of the film. Through energy and systematic work, success is achieved. Everything we feel and think comes only through work and willing to achieve this. I am very happy to be part of this great project and I did not expect to be the protagonist of the film. Yes, I did not expect it. I look forward to working with Director Sokoli. / Ilir Berisha





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