NADGE: Reaching astonishing new heights with creative photography

NADGE (Jan Serrano) is a talented photographer based in Singapore. NADGE’s pursuit of astonishing photography has taken him around the world, capturing majestic, epic and bold moments. In an exclusive interview for NY Elite NADGE talks about what inspires his passion for photography and some of his adventures around the world. 

Meet the Artist: NY Elite Interview with NADGE

NY Elite: Tell us a little about yourself.

NADGE: My real name is Jan Serrano but I always introduce myself as NADGE or 33rd Prince. Im 23y/o born in Manila, grew up and studied in Singapore. I used to be a full time fireman.

NY Elite: What type of photography do you do?

NADGE: I do product, lookbook, street photography.

NY Elite: How would you describe your style?

NADGE: I describe my style as odd, rugged & moody. Cause I depend my edit and shot to the mood of the weather, facial expression and personality.

NY Elite: What is it that interests you most about photography?

NADGE: Recognition of my style. People recognized my style. Lastly, the magic that I capture using my own vision, imagination & creativity.

NY Elite: Are there any new exciting projects that you are working on or have coming up in the near future?

NADGE: Currently working my way up to collaborate with Brands such as bags & sneakers as I have the idea that will connect other community to photography community.

NY Elite: Where do you draw your inspiration?

NADGE: My inspiration is my GOAL.

NY Elite: If you could take your art in any direction where would it lead you? What new thing would you try?

NADGE: I would like to put my art in a clothing brand.

NY Elite: What does it take to be successful in your industry?

NADGE: You need to be original, keep it real. Creative & Sociable.

NY Elite: What would be some tips you would give to a beginning photographer?

NADGE: It’s not about the gear. It’s all about your creativity. Be open minded. Always think outside the box.

NY Elite: Can you tell us about a memorable moment you had during your artistic career?

NADGE: The best memorable moment was my own charity work. Whereby me and my squad organized our very own charity event and donate to a kidney foundation.

NY Elite: How has photography influenced you as a person?

NADGE: From doing photography I discovered that I actually have some knowledge and skill in marketing strategies especially in social media. I think that’s an advantage for me.

NY Elite: Favorite photo you have taken and why?

NADGE: Rooftop shot. Me sitting on the ledge of the 40th story of the building and I got locked up after that due to trespassing. I trespassed an embassy building.


The “Notorious” shot. People really recognized me because of this shot and the story behind it. ©NADGE

NY Elite: Can you share a little bit about your city, culture? If one were to visit, what would you recommend? Any favorite places?

NADGE: Singapore as everyone know is a Fine country, everything u do is restricted. But I would recommend guest to visit Bugis and Marina Bay Sands for good photos and of course they should try the famous Chicken Rice & Katong Laksa.


“the Notorious life” It taken in Bandung Indonesia. I go over the barricades and break the law yet again just this shot whereby, I sit on the edge of a rock and as you can see, I have the most amazing view. ©NADGE


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