Two Colored Films Movies “In the Woods” and “What Do I Do Now?” Available on Amazon

Two films produced by Colored Films (Greta and Vilma Zenelaj) are now available to watch online on Amazon and are available on for free on prime membership. “In the Woods”, starring Greta Zenelaj, David Landry, Rocco DiNoble, tells the story of s married couple who goes camping in the woods. They strike up an unlikely encounter with another camper they fall prey to.

“What Do I Do Now?” (2017) starring Greta Zenelaj, Vilma Zenelaj, J.P. Madison is also available on Amazon. Claudia is preparing for her CMT exam when she receives a call from an Arabian sheik that is willing to pay her $100 for an hour massage. Claudia immediately invites the sheik over who faints on her massage table and is unresponsive. Scared to death, Claudia calls her unemployed, self acclaimed, investigator and friend Jessie, to help her out, and shady characters visit her flat uninvited.




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