Francesco Pireddu discovering his passion for ballet and becoming great

Francesco Pireddu was born and raised in Sardinia, Italy. He began dancing in Rome. Three years later he moved to Tuscany to continue his professional ballet training under the direction of Marina Van Hoecke. Francesco danced and toured in Italy with Lindsay Kemp Company and Micha Van Hoecke. In London he danced in two very important operas such as La Forza del Destino and Boris Godunov at the Royal Opera House.

New York City credit include; Ballet’s Nutcracker, which was also performed at the Mohegun Sun arena, BalaSole dance company at the Live Arts Theatre, the event Actors Acting for Actors, the musical “The Raja’s Son and princess Labam” at the Medicine Show Theater.

In 2010 Francesco completed two years of Acting training at HB Studio, a school established by the renowned Viennese actor/director Herbert Berghof and appeared in movies such as: Top broker, Dolores, Life and the web series Play Love. He was also cast as a lead in the commercial for JA Bank and other commercials such as: Chase bank, Bud Light beer, Pima cotton sheets and Mountain Dew soft drink.

In NYC Francesco performed also at the MET in the opera Aida and will be joining the prestigious MET again for the new revival of the Turandot for the season 2017/2018.


Francesco Pireddu  (Photo Credit: Ewa Ligeza Photography)

Meet the Artist: NY Elite Interview with the multi-talented Francesco Pireddu

NY Elite: What school of thought/dance movement do you identify with?

Francesco Pireddu: I was trained in classical ballet which is what I consider my foundation and only a well-rounded and vigorous foundation, acquired through many years of training, gave me the tools to approach various styles of dance. The dance movement I identify myself with is: dance-theater and Pina Bausch, the founder of Tanztheater Wuppertal, is undoubtedly the pioneer of this style… and her masterpiece, The Rite of Spring, explores the movement in its rawness, the body is exposed, the gestures are wild and gentle at the same time. It’s dance and acting: a never-ending exploration.

NY Elite: What do you like about what you do?

Francesco Pireddu: There are different things I like about my career choice. I like the fact that I am constantly challenged by the work itself, which always evolves, and by the amazing and talented artists I had, and still have, the fortune to work with. I also like the ongoing creativity, the freedom of exploring new territories on stage or on a movie set. I am blessed to be able to do what I love for a job.

NY Elite: What opportunity/event opened the door to your career?

Francesco Pireddu: I firmly believe that the main event that opened the doors to my career was the “leap of faith” I took many years ago the moment I decided to pursue my dream and become an accomplished performer. You must have faith in yourself to follow your hearts desires. Then of course, talent and a lot of hard work.

NY Elite: Tells us about some of your solo performances?

Francesco Pireddu: “Silence?” is a solo I performed at Live Arts Theater in New York City with the Balasole Dance Company. I was wearing black pants and a black t-shirt. The stage was essential. I chose not to have any music because I wanted to create a special bond with the audience. The artistry of Marcel Marceau, the great French actor and mime, and Lindsay Kemp, the remarkable English dancer and director, were my inspiration.

At the Gibney Center I performed a solo with Zullo Dance Company. The style was neoclassical and modern.

For the “Actors Acting for Actors” event I performed a modern piece based on the improvisation-work. I rehearsed the sequence for a long time and, once I was on stage, I allowed myself to draw inspiration from a place of pure improvisation. It was incredibly liberating.

“Tryptych” represents one of my favorite performances. The staging was unique. I played Adam, the first man on earth. For the entire length of the solo I was against the wall, drench in water, and I danced at different rhythms (starting very slowly and finishing quite fast), with live music, and interacting with a strong light, that I followed throughout the solo. The director Albert Andrew Garcia and I worked on “Tryptych” for a few weeks and the creative process was fulfilling and fascinating.

NY Elite: Describe your dance style.

Francesco Pireddu: I would say my dance style is dance-theater, where I found myself more at home because it gives me a wide platform where I can explore and express myself as a dancer and as an actor. I am not limiting myself though; I am always choosing to embrace a variety of styles. As an actor you must morph into different characters and styles all the time. I love that.

NY Elite: What influences your style and creativity?

Francesco Pireddu: The world around me, in its beauty and sometimes ugliness, is my biggest influence. The Nature: the bright-spectacular colors and the dangerous and scary outbursts. The different facets of the human behavior and the contradictions that define each one of us always inspire me and amaze me.

NY Elite: Have you studied other styles of dance?

Francesco Pireddu: When I lived in Rome I studied the Tango for a while and I loved it for its sensuality and engaging music. During the rehearsals of the off-Broadway Indian musical “The Raja’s Son and Princess Labam” in New York City, I learned Bharatanatyam, the classical Indian dance. I love to embrace new cultures and their ways of expressing themselves through movement and dance.

NY Elite: What causes/charities do you support and why?

Francesco Pireddu: I was cast in a PSA to support the Suzanne Wright Foundation that raises money to fight pancreatic cancer which requires urgency and action. The PSA aired on Varney & Co (Fox Business) during an interview with the founder Bob Wright. I was honored and happy to support such an important cause.

NY Elite: Who are some of the people that you have worked with in your projects?

Francesco Pireddu: I have worked with many amazing and established people in the entertainment space. Lindsay Kemp, the famous English mime and director is certainly one of the most important artists I have had the fortune to work with. Mr. Kemp has trained artists such as David Bowie and Kate Bush. He’s such a legend and a creative, profound and kind artist.

In Italy, I worked with Micha Van Hoecke, the Belgium director and choreographer, who extensively worked with legendary choreographers such as Roland Petit and Maurice Bejart.

At the Metropolitan Opera in New York, I worked with the wonderful director Stephen Pickover, who directed the revival of “Aida”.  At the Lincoln Plaza in New York City I performed in the “Table of Silence” project 2017, a dance tribute to remember and honor the victims of September 11, directed by Jacqulyn Buglisi, the American choreographer and artistic director founder of the Buglisi Dance Theater.

NY Elite: How does every performance make you feel?

Francesco Pireddu: I experience different feelings with each performance. It always changes. There is fear, excitement, and discovery. I never know how things will go on stage no matter how much time I spent rehearsing. I tend to be a perfectionist and I make sure that every aspect of the show is clear. At the same time, I am not attached to my idea of “perfection” and if something goes wrong on stage, I am ready to embrace it and transform it in something unique.

NY Elite: Tell us about your training routine.

Francesco Pireddu: I train myself constantly. “variety” is the key: I take different classes and I study with different teachers. I regularly practice Yoga, which keeps me solid and calm. Through the years I also developed a personal practice: I carefully listen to my body to understand what it needs and, on my own, I nurture my physical body and my mind.

NY Elite: Do you try to push yourself in new directions with each new piece?

Francesco Pireddu: Absolutely! Pushing myself towards new directions is the core of my artistic life. It’s the only way to improve myself and discover new possibilities of self-expression.

NY Elite: How has your dance style and dance philosophy changed over the years?

Francesco Pireddu: I certainly became more aware of my talent and more confident in my own skin. My dance philosophy is based on the continuous need and desire to reinvent myself and to keep working with the best directors, and choreographers, in the world, and continue to work on the world’s most prestigious stages.

NY Elite: What legacy do you want to leave behind? What do you want to be remembered for?

Francesco Pireddu: The legacy that I would like to leave behind is a very simple one: that I was always true and honest in my work. I would like to be remembered as a kind, reliable and funny Italian guy!!


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