Director Mentor Spahiu’s “The War” film praised at Berlinale

Mentor Spahiu is an accomplished award-winning filmmaker. His thought-provoking films have received awards and nominations in reputable film festivals around the world. Currently, he is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Plisi Film, co-founded by Mentor Spahiu and Izet Morina in 2012 in Prizren, Kosovo.

Director, writer Mentor Spahiu was born in Kosovo in 1988. He studied Artistic Film (BA) and Film / Documentary (MA) at the University of Prishtina and attracted international attention with his films.

In 2013 he directed the critically acclaimed short film “God’s Land” written by Luan Kryeziu. “God’s Land” (2013) screened at the See A Paris Film Festival, Albanian Film Week in New York, Nine Eleven Film Festival and Skena Up.

Mentor Spahiu received international fame with his film “The War” (2014), which he wrote and directed, produced by Izet Morina. The film has drawn praise from one of the world’s leading film festival, “Berlinale” and it earned the “Best Film” Nominee at the PiGrecoZen Film Festival in Italy. The War centers around human rights and the consequences of war.

“I was thrilled that my film “The War” received the ‘Best Film” nomination in Italy. I am very happy and proud that ‘The War’ was presented in front of the Berlinale selection panel, where it was praised for its structure, depth and storytelling. The selectors of Berlin International Film Festival select the best movies from the Balkans. The Berlinale has always been a benchmark for its high-level standards and high-quality entries. It has been a motivating and learning experience for a young filmmaker like me, and a great opportunity to strive forward in cinema,” said Mentor Spahiu, director and writer of “The War”.

Mentor Spahiu blends his cinematic style, artistic ambition with the art of storytelling to create emotionally powerful films. It was his next film “Tank on My Yard” (2014) which made Mentor Spahiu a household name in Kosovo and overseas. The film won “Media Award” at the Dea Open Air International Film Festival in Albania. Together with producer Izet Morina, Mentor Spahiu owns Plisi Film, which produces films that have screened in over 30 countries worldwide.

In 2017 Mentor Spahiu became the subject of mainstream media attention with his feature documentary film “Actors of Cannes”, currently being shot in France, Croatia and Kosovo. At its center, the film highlights emotional aspects of sacrifice and heroism in the process of saving human life, as seen in the mass poisoning tragedy of 8,400 Kosovo school children in 1990.


Mentor Spahiu, Co-Founder and COO of Plisi Film 


On the set of “Actors of Cannes” with Dr. Besnik Bardhi, director Mentor Spahiu, Producer Izet Morina, and DP Isak Duraku, in Dr. Bardhi’s clinic in Gjakova, Kosovo.




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