Joni Latifi lands lead role in Leandro Gualdi’s film “Buster”

Born in 1994 in Tirana, Albania, the talented actor Joni Latifi dreams of making it big in  Hollywood. In 2016 he moved to New York city to pursue his passion, acting. Joni Latifi is a great actor, who is confident in his work. He portrays that confidence on screen that draws the audience in and demands their full attention. He possesses the charisma, the exceptional talent and discipline that will make him into a movie star very soon.

Joni Latifi landed the lead role in the upcoming movie “Buster”, directed by Leandro Gualdi, expected to come out in 2018. Currently he is working on the next movie project “Aquarium” (Akuariumi), starring Florind Belliu, directed by Dhimitër Ismailaj. Joni plays the role of “Laki”.

One of my favorite projects has been working with director Leandro Gualdi on “Buster”, where I play the lead role. This has been a very challenging and interesting character to prepare for. “Buster” is a short movie drama, which shows the trauma and the psychological problems Buster is facing in his life. I worked hard on embodying the character to show the intricate sides and emotions,” said Joni Latifi for NY Elite Magazine.

I am also looking forward to my new movie, Aquarium, which is a drama/romance. I get to work with a great director, Dhimitër Ismailaj and a very good friend of mine, Florind Belliu. I trust the director’s artistic vision, who has been a tremendous help to me. The character that I play is called Laki, he is a funny guy, ambitious and a feminist. We hope to start shooting soon, in early 2018,” added Joni Latifi.

Joni Latifi is also seen in “Winner winner chicken dinner” directed by Jun Ren. In 2016 he earned a Business Administration Degree from the European University of Tirana in Albania. He is currently pursuing acting at the prestigious “Stella Adler Studio of Acting” in New York for the “Professional Conservatory” program.

“To be successful in the film industry you have to work very hard, many late nights, and you have to love what you do. Success is not a matter of luck, but determination and work. I have been blessed with the great opportunities that I have been given in my acting career and I look forward to a successful new year in 2018,” said Joni Latifi, the star of “Buster” film.



One thought on “Joni Latifi lands lead role in Leandro Gualdi’s film “Buster”

  1. I had the opportunity to see one of his movies and is truly amazing. He has lots of charisma and has his own style in screen. I think he is a rising star who will soon see in the big screen.


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