Interview with WVOX Radio Host Dennis Dion Nardone

NY Elite: Tell us a little about yourself

Dennis Dion Nardone: I’m 66 years old – I grew up in New Rochelle New York. I’m a retired 34 year Law Enforcement Officer and I have been a radio host since 1997. I have been living in Harrison, New York for the last 26 years. In 1999 I was named the Harrison “Citizen of the Year” for my community work. 

NY Elite: How long have you been working on the radio?

Dennis Dion Nardone: I have been working as a Radio Host for the last 20 years. Since 1997 I have been hosting Talk Radio and in 1999 I was named “Whitney Radio – Talk Show Host of the Year.” Besides hosting my own show I filled as the morning host on the “Good Morning Westchester” radio show and hosted other various programs like “Open Line Friday’s” & “Law Enforcement in Westchester”.


Dennis Dion Nardone “Club Dennis on the Radio” featuring the Best of the 50’s to the 80’s Listen Live via the Internet: and 1460AM on the Radio (

NY Elite: What led to a career in radio?

Dennis Dion Nardone: I have always been a radio guy since I was a kid. My older brother was legally blind so we didn’t watch much TV – it was mostly radio. He would listen to talk radio back in the 60’s. I got my chance on WVOX Whitney Global Media in 1996. What happen was as a member of the “Westchester County Crime-stoppers” program under then Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro myself and the committee where invited as guests to appear on a radio program. We did 2 shows and then one of the radio hosts asked me to fill in for him because he was going on vacation. So I decided to do it and the first show I was the Co-Host but the second show the regular radio host got sick last minute so I was thrown in last minute to host the show alone.

To make a long story short I had notice that many of the radio shows were geared towards the community and different municipalities and then I notice there were no shows to promote my town Harrison, NY – So one thing led to another and then the station manager gave me a shot to host a radio show and of course without the blessing and OK by CEO and President and Editorial Director Mr. William O’Shaughnessy I got my chance to be a radio broadcaster.  With that I seeked out a young lady by the  name of Ms. Tonny who became my Producer and we launched my first show in April 1997. Then in 2002 I then hosted my first Doo-Wop 50’s Oldies Music Radio Show on Sunday morning and then in 2014 I now would host a 2nd Oldies radio Show on Saturday morning spinning music of the 60’s-70’s-80’s Pop-Rock-Funk-Motown-Disco.

NY Elite: Who Are Your Musical Influences?

Dennis Dion Nardone: Wow there are so many. It all starts in the family listening with Sinatra, Dean Martin, Johnny Mathis – then Rock n Roll started with my oldies brother and sister. As a 10-12 year old – Yes Doo-Wop was playing, then pop music with the Golden Boys – Rydell-Avalon-Anka. But the guy that was a big influence and still is as I write this sentence: DION DiMucci. First with the Belmonts and then on his own. As I got into my teen years and the hippie era hit I loved the British Invasion bands from of course the Beatles – Stones – DC5 and the rest that followed. On the state side I was a big Doors – CCR and Eagles fan. Beach Boys, 4 Seasons were a big favorite. But the bottom line is I love all the Music – Motown, Disco, Jazz etc.

NY Elite: Tell us a little bit about your current show. Who else is on the staff?

Dennis Dion Nardone: As I mentioned above. On Saturday Morning it’s called the “Saturday Edition of Club Dennis on the Radio” – 9am to 11am – Spinning Music of the 60’s-70’s-80’s – It’s also called “No Request Saturday” as I get to pick all the music I want to play – “Pop-Rock-Funk-Motown-Disco” – A good mixture of memories basically for the “Baby Boomers” – On Sunday Morning we call it the “Sunday Version of Club Dennis on the Radio” – 11am to 2pm – Where we take song request & dedications and Spinning Music of the 50’s and early 60’s – Music and sound of Doo-Wop – Street Corner Harmony – Soul & Good Ole Rock n Roll – Music basically pre-Beatles. Since the Beatles changed the sound of music which is another interesting discussion at another time.

My talk radio show is on Thursday at 2pm where we talk about what’s hot in the news as well as keeping up with community news by making announcements and taking phone calls from the listeners for questions – comments  or complaints.

Ms. Tonny is the behind the scenes producer. She does most of the work of scheduling guests for both the talk and music shows and keeps a breast of all the happening’s that is going on all the shows. For the talk shows she comes on the air and makes important announcements and keeps me in line because I’ve been known to be a little bit of a shock jock at times so she keeps me in check and out of trouble. For the music shows there is the person who I call the “Music Extraordinaire” Mr. Jerryl Bell – the music and show director & board engineer who keeps my shows flowing.  Besides engineering my shows he is also a radio host of music. Then there are the ladies who do it all for me. Besides their wonderful voice and manner as they take the phone calls for song requests and dedications they are a welcoming hospitality of kindness. Ms. Eileen, ms. Toni and the Bunnie Ms. Sharon. Of course cannot forget in who I call “The Vice-President of Everything” Mr. Rich Littlejohn – the man is great does it all and puts in 100 hours a week!


Radio Show with Dennis Dion Nardone, Randy and the Rainbows (

NY Elite: Where can listeners tune in for the show? Date, times, web?

Dennis Dion Nardone: We broadcast on WVOX-1460AM – Whitney Global Media Radio Stations. Located in New Rochelle, NY in Westchester County, NY – We broadcast “World Wide’ also can be heard by downloading “Tune-In” or “Simple Radio” – We also broadcast on HD Radio 93.5 – I also like to broadcast my radio shows “Live” from my Facebook page. (Dennis Dion Nardone) – Times and Dates are mentioned in the question above.

NY Elite: Who are some of the greatest talents you have worked with over the years? 

Dennis Dion Nardone: You can’t take away the rock n Rollers of all time. Unfortunately never got the chance to interview the likes of the Beatles or Stones – But the performers of yester-year – Frankie Vallie, Mike Love of the Beach Boys, Bill Medley, Dion, Johnny Mathis, Neil Sedaka, Peter Noone, Connie Francis etc.

NY Elite: How do you keep your station involved in the community?

Dennis Dion Nardone: By doing live radio broadcasts. Wherever I go it’s always WVOX first and what it means to the community. All the informative talk shows and of course always promoting my shows either by newspaper adds or M/Cing a concert.

NY Elite: What projects are you promoting recently?

Dennis Dion Nardone: There’s always something going on in my life. Besides scheduling mobile DJ work or working with the “Just Nuts Band” I’m out there promoting and producing up-coming concerts for the coming months. I’m currently working on a Cable TV Show called ‘This Is Rock and Roll” with producer and musician Vic Sabatini that we plan on launching in January of 2018. I’m also working on writing my second book.

NY Elite: What is your favorite part of the job?

Dennis Dion Nardone: “Live” on the air – Interaction with the listeners – I love both talk and music radio. It’s a great “rush” when the phone call comes in for a question – comment or complaint. That unknown caller as you wait to hear what the call will be about. Of course meeting people. I always said the best part of radio is the wonderful people I met along the way. Then there is the music interview. I get such a crazy feeling when I interview that singer, band or singer who had a hit years and years ago and there was a time I was singing that song in a diner or in a car and now I get the chance to interview them or bring them out onto the stage!

NY Elite: What are you some of your favorite moments on air? And why?

Dennis Dion Nardone: My talks with Rich Littlejohn – In between songs Rich would talk about his single life and girls. I would ask him some off the wall questions and he would answer only a Rich Littlejohn can answer in his way. This was before he was married. People told me they would cringe when we talked. But the people loved our discussions. Of course some of my favorite moments are the interviews. I enjoyed my interview with the late Frank Sinatra Jr. He talked the stories about his father Dean Martin, Nancy and Sammy. Very Interesting. Then there was Vincent Pastore, actor from the “Soprano’s” – When Vinny came to visit in the studio you just didn’t know what would be said. But very funny, witty and crazy at times! – But nothing topped speaking with Johnny Mathis!

NY Elite: What else do you do outside the radio?

Dennis Dion Nardone: I love being around friends – I love going out for dinner, I’m a Diner Junkie, I love hanging out at diners. The servers, the customers. It’s great just sitting for hours at the diner and talking meeting new and old friends. You never know who walks in. I love Italian food, nothing like a good Italian restaurant. Then there is my love for Meatballs and tasting them in different restaurants. Since I love music I try to go to as many music concerts as I can as well checking out our local performers. As I said prior I’m writing my 2nd book. My first book was all about growing up in my neighborhood of the “West End” of New Rochelle, NY.

I like to spend money and shop in the stores. I love window shopping. I love the ma & pa stories. I also like the outdoors – walking, jogging or sitting on the boardwalk of Rye Beach. I’m also a sports guy so I enjoy following baseball, football, basketball, golf on TV….I’m also a single guy so I love being around the ladies!


3 thoughts on “Interview with WVOX Radio Host Dennis Dion Nardone

  1. As we baby boomers get older Dennis has bought us all under his radio tent. I enjoy his call from people my age like the guy who spends his Sunday mornings listening to Dennis then call in with a request and tells Dennis about the pot of gravy he’s been cooking all morning for his family.
    Thanks Dennis to helping turn us into our parents !


  2. Congratulations my dear friend. Always loved talking on your show. You are a true historian in music. Can’t wait to perform with you again. Your friend Johnny K. “the Excellents”


  3. I enjoyed the article about my dear and long time friend Dennis Dion Nardone, I have been a part of Dennis
    Nardone’s life for the last 17 years, there is no one like this Multi Facet Man/ Every word is so true, one must
    get to know him like I do. Its a wonderful interview and I always wish him all the Luck in all his endeavors, and may he go on playing all that wonderful music for all who love his Music. Dennis has brought to me many
    wonderful people through my life time! Play on Dennis and Thank You for all your Friendship and Love.
    Theresa Medici


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