Director Mrika Krasniqi hopes to break new ground with “Proof” film

Mrika Krasniqi, director of 2018’s “Proof” has confirmed her next project. “Proof” is written, directed and produced by Mrika Krasniqi. Starring one of the best most famous Albanian actors, Xhevat Limani, “Proof” is a psychological drama about a grandfather (played by Xhevat Limani), and his disabled granddaughter, who are both isolated in the basement during the war bombing in Kosova. Upon discovering that the child (played by Liza Hoxha), lost her parents during the Kosova war, the grandfather suffered a great psychological trauma.

The cast of “Proof” has a list of acclaimed award-winning actors. Alongside the great Xhevat Limani “Icon of Albanian Acing”, Liza Hoxha will also star in the film, playing the 12-year old granddaughter. Xhevat Limani (the grandfather) will play the lead role, who is an art professor, trying to entertain his granddaughter while they are stuck in the basement.

The other characters are played by the successful actors Mirsad Abazi and Julian Biba. Mirsad Abazi is a professional actor for the Professional Theater of Kumanovo in Macedonia. Mirsad Abazi is known for playing versatile roles, playing both the villain and the good guy. He showed tremendous reach as a great actor in the award-winning films “A Long way home”, “My City Screams,” “Between Paradise and Hell”.

gjate xhirimit te filmit Provan e Nju Jork

Julian Biba is a gifted producer, writer and actor based in New York. His career has been filled with memorable roles such as Al Capone in “Mysteries At the Museum” at the Travel Channel and in the American period drama television series “The Americans”, created by Joe Weisberg for FX. As a skilled scriptwriter, Julian Biba has written “Leap of Faith”, “The Bright Future”, “Paftuar”, whose work has been featured on “Inktip” magazine. Julian Biba has also completed the “ScreenwritingU” Professional Screenwriting Program in New York.

Director Mrika Krasniqi of Nil Production (winner of Woman of the Year, Best Human Artist, Ambassador for Peace) has teamed up with award-winning filmmaker Ibër Deari, as Director of Photography for this project. Director, writer, producer, DOP Ibër Deari is the winner of Best Director, Best Artist, Best Film, Audience Award and Best Short Film. Director, writer, producer and founder of Nil Production Mrika Krasniqi is the winner of Best Production, Best Director, Best Social Documentary, and Best Historical Documentary.

This thought-provoking film “Proof” (Prova) relates to real life events and touches the audience’s hearts through the strong emotional appeal, acting skills and deliverance of Xhevat Limani and Liza Hoxha. It brings insight to the inner world of the two main characters – the grandfather and the granddaughter, who have gone through terrible trauma, hardship and pain. The powerful plot, written by Mrika Krasniqi, brings the audience closer to the reality of war survivors, by pulling you in emotionally. The fundamental truths of the main characters are experienced both intellectually and emotionally through the new dimensions as shown by the two film’s protagonists, Xhevat Limani and Liza Hoxha.

Mrika Krasniqi, Liza Hoxha Foto nga Iber Deari

The acting in “Proof” is amazing, and the story generates different moods and feelings, brought to life by the talented cast, namely Xhevat Limani, Liza Hoxha, Mirsad Abazi and Julian Biba. The combination of a well-written plot, great acting, great cinematography, the scenery, and the camera angles make this movie one to watch, with true impact.

The cinematography look, in particular, of the film, shot by Ibër Deari, helped bring to life in the purest form the human emotions and the psychological state of mind when faced with trauma. Filled with surprise and anticipation, “Proof” explores the emotional dimensions of trust, anger, fear, sadness and happiness. The director of photography, Ibër Deari, tasked with putting the vision on the screen, has succeeded to win numerous awards for his works. Ibër Deari is a talented Macedonian cinematographer and filmmaker whose credits include Toka, A long Way Home, My City Screams, Last Confession.

Nil Production reports that the filming of “Proof” is now complete and is currently in post-production.






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