Frank Powers to Star in “Brothers James: Retribution”

Frank Powers was born in Upstate New York on July 16th 1975. His Mother is Ellen (Fogarty) Powers and Father James Wayne Powers. He has 4 sisters and 3 brothers of which he is the youngest. Due to the fact that his father was in the Military Frank grew up in multiple locations to include Germany, Texas, Florida, and Upstate NY. He joined the military and this eventually led him to South Korea where he started his acting career landing the role of a US Army CID Agent LT. Birtch on the TV series Yain Si Dae (A Rustic Period), for a total of 26 episodes. This series was the highest rated TV show in South Korea to date. This opened the door to do appearances on a number of other Korean TV shows, movies and commercials. Frank later moved back to The United States and was cast as supporting background in the latest installment of the Terminator movies featuring Christian Bale as John Connor, this reignited the acting bug in Frank and now leads him to pursue more roles in film and Television.

Since his return to the states Frank has Been involved in 29 Productions 11 of which he is a Producer. He Currently has a Paranormal film that he stars in on Amazon Prime Clint Knockey: The Investigation. Frank is also starring and Producing a Series to be released on Amazon Prime called Shadow Minds where he is the lead Kyle Cayce, a series about astral projection and government conspiracy’s By Myka Puentes. He recently worked as a Supporting role in the film Warfighter as Navy Seal Rooster a Jerry G. Angelo Film.

Frank is Starring in Brothers James: Retribution a classic style Western Film with Modern styling as Frank James, along side Robert Womack ( Kurt Fowler) Michelle Martinez ( Amada Orazco) Gonzalo Robles (Antonio Poderez) and Justin Marmion (Jesse James). Frank was Most recently cast in two Arturo Portillo films the award Winning Script Among Us and Die Die Delta Pie 2 as well as PRC Productions Military thriller.


DDG: Photo Credit Michelle Martinez Aptitude Productions 2017 (Frank Powers)

NY Elite: What projects are you currently working on?

Frank Powers: Brothers James: Retribution (western) three Movie Deal with Arturo Portillo: Beaten (Action) Among Us (Sci Fi) Die Die Delta Pie 2 (Horror) PRC Productions (Military Thriller) Myka Puentes Series: Shadow Minds (Sci Fi Thriller).

NY Elite: What is the new Series about?

Frank Powers: Shadow Minds is about Astral Projection and We follow Main Character Kyle Cayce (Frank Powers) through his discovery and exposure of government conspiracy’s in this Sci Fi thriller.

NY Elite: What is different about being in the director’s chair with this project?

Frank Powers: To be able to coach people to get on the same page and level as you is phenomenal, it makes for a clearer vision and more cohesive product.

NY Elite: Which actors stand out and why are they perfect for the role?

Frank Powers: Michelle Martinez and Gonzalo Robles as well as Jerry Walker and Kevin Wester, Stand out in this production because of the amazing casting and there ability to embody the characters and make them their own.


Matt Leyva 2009 ( Frank Powers, Mark Wahlberg)

NY Elite: Who are the Series stars?

Frank Powers: Frank Powers, Michelle Martinez, Gonzalo Robles, Justin Marmion, Jerry Walker, Kevin Wester, Ivan Aguilar, Myka Puentes and Arturo Portillo.

NY Elite: What makes a film great for you? Are there certain qualities that make a film better for you?

Frank Powers: The Casting and Definitely the Storyline.

NY Elite: As a screenwriter, what is the most important aspect of building a character?

Frank Powers: The ability to make that character relatable to the audience.

NY Elite: What scripts have you written so far?

Frank Powers: Clint Knockey: The Investigation

Brothers James: Retribution

Creed II

Shadow Minds (Series Screen Play)

NY Elite: Top 3 favorite projects that you have been involved in?

Frank Powers: Lone Survivor (with Mark Wahlberg)

Beaten (Arturo Portillo)

Brothers James: Retribution (Frank Powers)

NY Elite: Do you express yourself creatively in any other ways?

Yes, I also Create art work.

NY Elite: What advice would you give to someone who wants to have a career in filmmaking?

Frank Powers: In the worlds of the largest Shoe Company History “ Just Do It!”

NY Elite: Any plans to direct another movie?

Frank Powers: Yes, I am Already in the works on a Mockumentary to be released on Amazon Prime 2018! The Man with the frying pan hat!

NY Elite: What can we expect from you in 2018?

Frank Powers: Nothing… But Big Things!


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