The road to success – Internationally known artist Lorena Baricalla

Internationally recognized Lorena Baricalla is a multi-talented artist. She is a Prima ballerina, singer and actress as well as choreographer, writer and producer. She has performed in over 35 countries throughout the world, in theatre and television.

Born into a family of Monaco since more than 5 generations with Italian, French, Czech and German origins, Lorena has always lived in Monte-Carlo. After gaining her diploma from Monte-Carlo’s “Princess Grace” Academy with the highest marks, she began her career by performing the leading roles at the Monte-Carlo Ballet: Sheherazade, the Mermaid in The Prodigal Son, the Marquise in Marco Spada, the Gypsy in The Two Pigeons, the Taming of the Shrew, the Dame Rouge in Gaitée Parisienne, the Favourite in ”Prince Igor”, dancing the works of the 20th century’s greatest choreographers, from Balanchine to Ashton and from Forsythe to the Russian Ballets of Diaghilev. In addition she has often been the star of the National Day Galas in honour of the Prince of Monaco.


Versatile performer, Lorena has furthermore created a number of choreographies for theatre, television and important events, performing them at an international level with a cast of up to 100 supporting artists, in such shows as Carmen, Thalassa, Time Machine, Matrix, Belle Epoque Cancan, The Canticle of Canticles, Sheherazade, Worlds of Mysteries, The Michelangelo’s Caves, Legend, The Siren, Romeo and Juliet, Psyche, The Angel, The Trip of Ulysses, etc..

As an actress capable of acting both on stage and on a set, with the same natural expressiveness in five different languages, she has performed in shows that united acting and dance such as The Light of Memory and in musical in roles such as My Fair Lady and Victor Victoria, and she is filmed for reels and for presentations.

Lorena Baricalla has created the “Méthode Russe de Monte-Carlo de Lorena Baricalla” (“The Lorena Baricalla Monte-Carlo Russian Method”) to support young dancers and ballet schools.

She is Goodwill Ambassadress for the Organisation VEGB – Visage des Enfants de la Guinée-Bissau, which helps African children.

Lorena is the icon of the innovative entertainment project “Origins” of which she is the leading performer and creator with Producer Tino Genovese.  “Origins” is an international project currently being developed by Promo Art Monte-Carlo Production. It has drawn interest from Weta (The Lord of the Rings, Avatar) and Ennio Morricone has indicated his availability to create the music.


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