The making of “Dancing Devil” Music Video by Cynation

After the the release of the new single “Dancing Devil”, Cynation released the music video on January 2018. In the following interview with NY Elite, Cynation vocalist and guitarist Josh Mak, talks about the making of the music video with his band members guitarist Simon Lai and bassist Andrew Teo. 

NY Elite: Tells us about the style of the new Cynation song “Dancing Devil”

Josh Mak, Cynation: I’d say its a combination of Rock and Funk with our unique spin on it.

NY Elite: What influenced the idea behind “Dancing Devil”.

Josh Mak, Cynation: As with the majority of our songs, they either come from personal experience or observations of the world around us.

We often seek to shed light in dark places for we feel that no problem can be solved till it is viewed uncensored and in it’s entirety.


NY Elite: What is your songwriting process?

Josh Mak, Cynation: I don’t actually sit down and try to write songs. They often come to me when I don’t go looking for them. When inspiration strikes I have to quickly find a guitar to work out the melody in my head and the lyrics usually come together quite naturally..

NY Elite: What is the meaning of the story in the song.

Josh Mak, Cynation: The song’s lyrics are more observational and contemplative in nature while the video introduces a narrative to accompany these ideas that are explored.

NY Elite: How was it portrayed in the music video? Do you think you captured the song’s intent and your vision for the song? 

Josh Mak, Cynation: In the video the story is portrayed by our main character played by Claire Auden. Her character is a stripper in a club who is being harassed by the male patrons. She eventually has enough and retaliates and reclaims herself.

At the end we get to see that she is much more than the perceived superficial exterior the world sees. But you’ll have to watch the video to find that out. Don’t wanna give too much away haha.

screen shot 2017-12-29 at 12.03.23 pm

NY Elite: You have worked with director Aaron Mak on other projects including films, which received awards. What new ideas did you explore during this music video.

Josh Mak, Cynation: Every idea we have seems to be a new idea haha. I guess this is due to the fact that we learn a lot as we go along. We often begin having a vision and have no idea how we are gonna make that work. Then we ask and learn and eventually pull off what we had envisioned.

We will also be releasing a behind the scenes documentary on the making of the Dancing Devil music video entitled, Rise: From Independence to Immortality, later in the year.

NY Elite: What is the importance of the connections you make especially for independent artists? How can you utilize them?

Josh Mak, Cynation: This project was made possible thanks to all the incredibly talented independent artist that we collaborated with. Izzy Bellisima, Aurora Flair, Sham, Claire Auden, Nathan Silva and Ethan Vivier to name a few.

Being independent means we don’t have huge budgets to work with but it also means that we have full creative control over the project which was a priority for us.

We also collaborate with other artists like Nick Le Blanc, Nicole Hawkins and Dillion Lamando to create our cover art and logos. We are currently working on a range of muscle tees that showcases our fashion style and will be available soon.

screen shot 2017-12-29 at 12.01.19 pm

NY Elite: How has Cynation grown artistically this year?

Josh Mak, Cynation: I think we constantly grow artistically through the projects we create and by working with other passionate individuals. The sheer diversity opens up our minds to possibilities we’d otherwise never consider.

NY Elite: What new projects do you have in mind for 2018?

Josh Mak, Cynation: This year will see us finish recording and release our EP and a few singles on vinyl, a range of muscle tees and we will also begin filming the music video for Go Louie Go with a possible release date later in the year.

NY Elite: Is Cynation planning any performances in the near future?

Josh Mak, Cynation: We are preparing for a launch of our EP with a live show in late October. There will be special performances by some of our friends and we’re working hard to make this an event you won’t want to miss.

NY Elite: How do you balance your music, acting with other obligations?

Josh Mak, Cynation: With great difficulty haha. Balance is never easy when you have a passion for something but it is crucial to find that balance in order to be successful and productive.

We generally plan our work then work the plan and deal with the little hiccups as we encounter them. Its challenging but it’s my firm belief that, nothing worth achieving ever came easy.

Thanks for your time.



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