Actress Kristin Stein teams up with “1 IN 360” for San Marino’s Eurovision 2018

In the following NY Elite Interview Kristin Stein talks about her German roots, Swedish upbringing, how her professional acting training in London prepared her for different roles, and her collaboration with 1 in 360. 

Meet the actress: NY Elite interview with Kristin Stein

Can you tell us a little bit about your upbringing and growing up? 

Kristin Stein: At age 11 my family and I left Aachen, a city in western Germany, to move to Arvika; a tiny village in the Swedish countryside. As nobody in our entire line of relatives spoke Swedish or had ever been to Sweden except on vacation, this was a big deal and as some would say: a little crazy. As an evolving teenager, not knowing the language and being taken out of your circle of friends it could be quite challenging at times. In the hope of making new friends my parents enrolled me in horse riding, which I ended up doing for over 10 years, but also an evening acting-course in the only theatre this little town had. I have been hooked ever since. Not only did I make friends for life, but I strongly believe it was a key factor for me to feel comfortable in my new environment and in learning Swedish as quickly as I did.


Kristin Stein ©Michael Wharley

Besides this course, Arvika also features an excellent possibility to become a wildlife enthusiast as there really isn’t much around there except forest, more forest and the sheer excess of lakes. Having spent my childhood in a city I found this to be amazing and whilst my two brothers weren’t always too keen when our parents dragged us out on long hikes I evolved a real love for nature. As I now live in London where trees are rare and lakes are non-existent, one can say that I have circled back to my early years and started to appreciate cities again.

What inspired you to take up acting? What professional training have you pursued? 

Kristin Stein: Before I decided to make acting my profession it always accompanied me whilst I was growing up. Being inspired by the evening course I went on to a musical theatre-themed high school and quickly decided that this was something I could see myself doing “for real”. As I started applying to drama schools all over the globe I soon realised that schools have the tendency to be very expensive which forced me to think of a game plan for my career. The first obvious step was to save money. Living close to the Norwegian border, I found work in the even tinier village Gol, in the Norwegian mountains. Here my days mainly consisted of Snowboarding, working as a bartender and learning the Norwegian language.

Having to wait for a new term at my school of choice: The International School of Screen acting in London, I figured there was time for a quick trip around the world. So, I packed my backpack and started with a long road trip through large parts of America, moved onto Asia where the highlights where a new scuba diving certificate in Bali and the well-deserved dive with Whale sharks in the Philippines. I finished the trip with a long summer in Germany, working as a set runner on two small German movies which really boosted my overall understanding of a film set and got me eagerly awaiting the start of the school.

How has your professional training in acting prepared you for the roles you wish to take on?

Kristin Stein: Now, having completed my studies at the leading school in teaching acting for film, I feel very confident in front as well as behind the camera. Not only did it focus on acting but it also featured exceptional stage combat and fighting for film training which I really learned to love. Concludingly, the school gave me the ability to increase self-awareness, personal development and assist me on my path towards maximizing my potential as I embark on my journey as a professional actor.

Already during my training, I had the chance to gather professional experience as I amongst other smaller student films, played the lead in a Swedish/English short film, which got accepted to the Independent film festival in Stockholm. I loved working on this drama as it allowed me to express myself in both Swedish and English on camera which further contributed to a very authentic project. Additionally, I have worked on a German voice over for Expedia as well as a short commercial for Badoo’s Swedish branch.

What are you currently working on? 

Kristin Stein: Currently, I am working with the London based start-up production company 1IN360 Ltd. in their search of finding San Marino’s official representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. I started out just working in the production area, behind the camera but managed to elbow my way into being involved in presenting the Live shows in January as the greenroom-presenter who will be responsible for interviewing the candidates right before they perform on stage, which I am sure will be a fantastic learning experience.



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