Full IFFNY Film Festival 2018 line up announced

The full line up for the 7th International Filmmaker Festival of New York was announced today. Festival Director Mrika Krasniqi of Nil Production and Festival Selector Ibër Deari revealed the much-awaited 2018 Official Selection.

The program this year includes two special programs: Official Competition Program, comprising of Feature Films, Feature Documentary, Short Films, and Short Documentary. In addition the Special Screening program has a selection of non-competing films. 

“We had nearly 500 film submissions this year, and we are pleased to have a global participation, including artistic creations from Israel, France, UK, US, Brazil, India, Japan, Kosovo, Albania, Italy, Norway, Macedonia, Argentina, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Rep, Belgium and Qatar,” stated IFFNY festival organizer and director Mrika Krasniqi.

“We welcome again the participants from all over the world at IFFNY. Good luck to the filmmakers and actors at the competition. We are looking forward to this exciting event this coming May in New York,” said award-winning filmmaker Ibër Deari, and IFFNY festival selector.

IFFNY will take place May 25-29, 2018.


International Filmmaker Festival of New York (IFFNY) 7th Edition, 2018 Results


Feature Films:
-The Kiss/Murilo Benício/ BRAZIL /01:38:00.
-One Bedroom/Danien Sills-Evans/US/ 01:23:00.

-Rooftop Story/ Gazmend Nela/ KOSOVO /1:25:00.
-Unwanted / Edon Rizvanolli/NETHERLANDS/01:25:00.

Feature Documentary:
– Operation Wedding/Anat Zalmanson Kuznetsov/ ISRAEL/ 01:03:00.

– Behind the cove / Keiko Yagi/ JAPAN /01:45:00.

-Bill Viola the Road to st Paul’s/ Gerald Fox/ UK /01:23:00.

-Avec L’amour / Ilija Cvetkovski / MACEDONIA/01:06:00.

-A year in Antarctica/ Julia Martins/BRAZIL/1:38:00/

Short Films:
– fiSOlofia / Nicola Palmeri /ITALY /16:25.

-Save / Iván Sáinz-Pardo/SPAIN /3:54.

-Battle Fields /Anouar H. Smaine/US /19:46.

-Time /Alon Daniel /ISRAEL /8:30.

-Calling Home / Megan K. Fox / UK /19:40.

-Tide /Margareta F. A. Orkan/NORWAY /9:46.

-Forgive Me /Besim Ugzmajli /KOSOVO/15:00.

-The Beginning /Agim Abdula/ MACEDONIA /13:00.

-Cookie Heart/ Charles Xiuzhi Dong /US /16:05.

-Easter / Chih CHieh Wu/CZECH REP./ 10:00.

-Desir Pastel /Mathieu Rivolier /FRANCE /13:38.

-The last dance of Walter Vintorp/ Neuray Claude /BELGIUM/15:00.

-A Forest /Adriano Curci /ARGENTINA/11:00.

-A True Story/Viron Roboci /ALBANIA/19:53.

-A Journey to From Love/Abdullah Al-mulla/QATAR/15:00.

-Ellston Bay/ Nicholas Eriksson/UK /15:00.

-Innocence /Miranda Jean & Michael Cicchetti /US /9:10.

Short Documentary:

-Ceremonial Tattoo/Giuseppe Lo Fiego/ITALY/5:00.

-Parivara /Alex Lora & Alex Kruz /US /11:01.

-Terraza 7 / Carlos Freire / US /12:22.
-House no57/ Festim Rexhepi/ KOSOVO /15:00.

-10424 / Tatsuki Imaji /JAPAN/ 09:40.

-Remission /Eugenia Tan /AUSTRALIA/Short. 8:00.

-The Interview /Isli Hoxha/ US/short. 5:47.

-All About Rita /Guy Chachkes/US/Short.3:55.

– Wood-chuck/Balaji Ragupathi/INDIA/Short. 5:30.

-Basketball /Merita Syla/ KOSOVO/Short. 14:23.

-Xhanfise Keko-A woman Director in the Age of Celluloid/ Mevlan Shanaj/ALBANIA/Doc.01:00:00.

– Top Models are Deadly / Larry Moore /US/Feature/ 1:32:00.


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