Minti Gorne to star in “Innocent Candy”, directed by Jane Sanger

Minti Gorne is a talented young actress from Devon in England. Minti played the character of “Young Viviane” in the Hollywood Blockbuster “Transformers  – The last Knight” (with Sir Antony Hopkins and Mark Wahlberg).

MV5BNDlhZTM4NzktNjE1Mi00YmQyLWE2OWQtYTY5ZDhkMDcwMzY0XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTQ1NDc0MTM@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,713,1000_AL_Currently Minti is still in school and she enjoys being an actress, and loves singing and dancing. She has appeared in TV commercials and is currently the leading actress in the role of “Ruby Ellis” in the feature film “Innocent Candy”. Innocent Candy is written by Stefan Michaels, produced by Stacey Gough, directed by Jane Sanger, Executive Producers Rosemary Hill and Stefan Michaels, starring Minti Gorne and Dean Kilbey.

The brilliant cast includes Sharon Lawrence, Stacey J Gough, Stefan Michaels, Dean Kilbey, Eva Savage, Rebecca Yeo, Andre Squire, Scott Wickes, Edward Peel, Lulu-Pearl Gough, Cara Middleton.

In the following interview with NY Elite, Minti Gorne (represented by Cooper Searle PM) talks about her role in “Innocent Candy“.

Meet the Artist: NY Elite Interview with Minti Gorne

NY Elite: What are you latest and current movie projects?

Minti Gorne: I begin filming on the new British Movie “Innocent Candy” in July, August and September of this year. I play one of the lead characters in the film, a young girl called “Ruby Ellis”

NY Elite: Can you tell us about your character in “Innocent Candy”?

Minti Gorne: “Ruby Ellis”. She is a young street wise kid that has had a very tough upbringing. She lost her mother very young and her father is a violent man that has no time for Ruby so she has had to learn to look out for herself. Her step-mum Savannah has no time for Ruby either. Ruby longs for the relationship she lost with her mum and circumstances force her into the care of somebody who could impact both their lives for the better, or worse. 

NY Elite: What was it like working with the director?

Minti Gorne: The Director is Jane Sanger and Jane was key in casting me for the role. Along with writer Stefan Michaels and Producer Stacey J Gough and Casting Assistant and Actor Dean Kilbey.

NY Elite: In which movies have you played lead role?

Minti Gorne: My previous role was playing young Viviene in Transformers 5 The last knight.

NY Elite: Among all your roles so far, which has been your favorite one and why?

Minti Gorne: I loved playing the role of a wizards daughter in a commercial in Israel. It was like being in a Harry Potter film. The set was amazing.

NY Elite: What do you enjoy most about your acting career?

Minti Gorne: I can express myself and turn myself into different characters. I love dressing up and being on set. It’s the most exciting part.

NY Elite: What other hobbies and interests do you have?

Minti Gorne: Apart from singing and dancing, I love body boarding in Cornwall, cycling and swimming. I love making musicals too.

Minti Gorne - Transformers 5 with Stephen Hogan

Minti Gorne – Transformers 5 with Stephen Hogan

NY Elite: Are you working on your next project now?

Minti Gorne: Innocent Candy as above. I am so excited to start filming.

NY Elite: What personal advice would you give to other young actresses?

Minti Gorne: Be yourself, be prepared and just have fun..!!

NY Elite: What causes/charities are you currently supporting?

Minti Gorne: I feel strongly about supporting Cancer research as a family member had it.

NY Elite: What are the things in your life that you’re most grateful for?

Minti Gorne: My family and friends.

Minti Gorne - Wizard Daughter with Ben Cutler

Minti Gorne – Wizard Daughter with Ben Cutler



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