The Gnome Haus explores time travel and black masculinity in the premiere of “The Mad Scientist Play” by E.E. Wade

NY, NY, April 25, 2018:  The Gnome Haus is pleased to announce the world premiere of The Mad Mad Scientist Play by E.E. Wade, directed by Josh FS Moser and running at the 13th Street Repertory Theater.

The Mad Mad Scientist Play follows Ron, a black professor and theoretical physicist on a race against the clock to finish his greatest invention: the first humanoid time machine the world has ever seen. As Ron’s time machine gets stronger and smarter, he finds himself risking his career, love life, and safety for the chance to answer the “what ifs” he left behind. The Mad Mad Scientist Play is a thrilling sci-fi comedy that questions if living in the past is worth sacrificing your future.

When asked why she chose to explore time travel in her new work, Wade responded, “For me, The Mad Mad Scientist Play is about all the “what ifs” behind each decision we make in life. We all have moments of self-doubt and wonder, but for marginalized folks, worst-case scenarios are often just reality. What if you could go back in time? What would it change?”

Mad Mad Scientist Light OrangeSmall

This production marks the conclusion to Wade’s year-long residency with The Gnome Haus, after a successful run of her one-woman show, The Rhythm/Da Blues, which premiered in May 2017. The playwright and performer will transition into a permanent role as a member of the company’s core literary and educational development staff.

The cast features Michael D. Baldwin*, Jacqueline Springfield*, Jerome Brooks, Jr*, Tom Watson, & Lev Harvey (*These Actors appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association – An Equity Approved Showcase)


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