Beauty Creations with the talented Makeup Artist Dona Mavraj

Dona Mavraj was born in Brooklyn, NY with her cultural background coming from Kosova. She is very proud being Albanian since the culture has affected her life growing up in many ways. She works as a Freelance Makeup Artist. She has had many other opportunities including modeling but she always enjoyed doing makeup on herself and her clients.


Makeup Artist and Model Dona Mavraj

Meet the Artist: NY Elite Interview with Makeup ArtistDona Mavraj

NY Elite: Tell me about your experience as a makeup artist?

Dona: My experience as a makeup artist could simply be defined as the best thing I decided to do. I have such a passion for making my clients happy, when they’re happy with the outcome of their look that’s what makes me happy.

NY Elite: Define Beauty.

Dona: Beauty could be defined in many ways. The way I define beauty isn’t by how one looks, but the personality of that person. Beauty truly comes from within your soul.

NY Elite: How long have you been a make-up artist and when did you get your start in the industry?

Dona: I have been a makeup artist for about two years now. The moment I knew I wanted to start in the industry was when I started having all of these ideas in my head of makeup looks. They all just came to me out of nowhere one day and I knew I had to share my creativity and form of art with the world!

NY Elite: Did you have any formal make-up training?

Dona: No, I never had any formal make-up training. I feel like in this industry if you really have a passion for makeup you don’t need someone else to teach you techniques, you come up with your own. I view makeup as it being its own form of art.

NY Elite: How would you describe your signature look?

Dona: My signature look is definitely a bronze-y / glow-y look, a summer vibe makeup. I love how bronze eyeshadow makes any eye color pop.  Making your skin look like it’s glowing from within is my most favorite type of look and the most natural.


Make Up by Dona Mavraj

NY Elite: What is your style?

Dona: My style is more of a clean makeup look. I love going natural but on my clients I always suggest doing dramatic looks because of all the creativity I have when doing makeup on someone else other than myself.

NY Elite: You have worked with so many famous celebrities, is there anyone that stands out as your favorite?

Dona: When I modeled I worked with a beautiful lady named Xhesika Berberi. She always stood out to me as such a down to earth person.

NY Elite: What is the most exciting opportunity you have had as a freelance artist?

Dona: My most exciting opportunity would probably be partnering up with makeup brands. I have had a lot of brands offer me products to try out and give them my opinion of them on my social media!

NY Elite: What are your favorite products to use?

Dona: My favorite products on the daily would be a brow pencil, concealer, mascara, highlighter and definitely a setting spray! Mostly just setting spray though! I really do think that there’s a huge difference with your makeup if you don’t set it into place. My all-time favorite setting spray is the Kat Von D Lock It Setting Spray, this product does not let your makeup come off all day long! I highly suggest it to everyone especially makeup artists.

NY Elite: Are you working with a major cosmetics company? Do you have your own products?

Dona: I am working with a lot of false eyelash brands right now. I am working to sponsor false eyelashes. As far as having my own products, I do not but I would totally love to someday in the upcoming future!

NY Elite: What are this season’s make up trends?

Dona: Some of this seasons makeup trends is the glow-y summer look. I’ve seen a lot of people keeping it natural lately and just letting their own skin glow. Another trend I have been seeing around and doing for my clients is color! A lot of ladies want to try out new things and color is one of them!


Dona Mavraj

NY Elite: How do you keep up with all the new trends and styles? How do you incorporate them into your makeup repertoire?

Dona: I always like to try out new things with my makeup looks so each time I do makeup I have to add a new trend or style or else I won’t feel like it’s my own creative work. I also love to come up with my own trends.

NY Elite: Can you reveal three beauty secrets?

Dona: My first beauty secret I have for everyone is Vaseline! Vaseline works for everything and I just recently found this out. I put some on my eyebrows and eyelashes overnight and I noticed such a difference on the hair growth within a week! The second one is using setting spray. Any type of setting spray will lock your makeup and set it all night to the point where it won’t budge! The last beauty secret I have for today is highlighter! Any type of formulated highlighter will work. Adding highlighter to a bare face will make it look like your skin is so naturally healthy and well taken care of.

NY Elite: Do you apply makeup for special events? Name some you have covered?

Dona: Yes I do! For some of the fashion shows I modeled in I almost always did my own makeup and some of the other models as well! I also love doing bridal makeup or any type of bridal party! I consider weddings very big special events.

NY Elite: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Dona: I get most of my inspiration from myself! I do think that some of it also comes from other makeup artists. Although I always believe that inspiring your own self is the greatest inspiration you can ever receive!

NY Elite: Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your career?

Dona: Makeup artist Dafina Neziri is such an inspiration to me! She has helped a lot of girls back home in Kosova in achieving their profession as a makeup artist. Such a down to earth person!

NY Elite: What is your advice to aspiring makeup artists?

Dona: My greatest advice is be yourself! Don’t let other people judge you on your form of art! You are doing makeup as your own form of creativity and I think no one should be the judge of your work but your own self.



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