Exclusive: Lissus Tilka on her upcoming album release

Musician Nertila Haxhia is known for her artist name “Lissus Tilka”. She recently released the music video for her popular song titled “Ska ma Ne” directed by Eris Nikolli. In this exclusive NY Elite interview Lissus Tilka talks about her debut album plans, and her upcoming performances. 

Meet the Artist: NY Elite with Musician Lissus Tilka

NY Elite: Tell us a little about yourself as an artist.

Lissus Tilka: I am a songwriter, singer and I write books. I never studied arts, but I have been very passionate about music, and had the talent. For many years, I have worked with professional artists who gave me the training and skills in this field. My educational background is in political science and law.

Screenshot_20180503-205201NY Elite: How did you get started and how would you describe your music? 

Lissus Tilka: My beginnings in music date back to my involvement  in the church choir in my hometown.  I heard that I have my mother’s voice, who loved singing. I received voice and guitar lessons from an Italian professional. I also love to write, which was as big help in collaborating as composer with the renowned Global Records Studio in Albania, at age 18.

I am very thankful to my mentor Alban Arifi, who is a professional composer, orchestrator and who manages the studio. Thanks to his advice I followed my true passion – rock ballad music.

NY Elite: What does art mean to you?

Lissus Tilka: Art for me is the world in which your passion and vision give you the opportunity to build your inner world. The world  that you feel is missing in everyday life. Or a world by which you naturally give your best. That is what art means to me.

NY Elite: What projects are you currently working on?

Lissus Tilka: I’m currently completing my first album and working almost every day in the studio for professional enhancement. Many years of songwriting has created its own costs so I have to go back to the sound management intensity in order to get better every time. We expect many upcoming concerts in the summer.

NY Elite: Where was your last performance?

Lissus Tilka: The last performance was a live concert, with my Albanian idol, one of my favorite rock balads, Shkumbin Ismaili, in Shengjini, at Camping Riviera Pool,  in the inauguration of new touristic session of summer. I had some others appearances in TV and clubs, such as New Belmonde in Tirana, it is well known in live guitar music. The concert with Shkumbin Ismaili was a big surprise and such a memorable moment, being that I shared the stage with my music idol.

NY Elite: Where would you most like to perform and tell us about some of your favorite projects you have been part of.

Lissus Tilka: I would like to perform in humanitarian activities, in live guitar concerts, everywhere where I can connect with the public and feel their presence.

I have performed in Fashion Focus 9, (2017) organized by the renowned Italian school in Albania Euromode School led by the renowned Albanian stylist Lorena Malshi. I have also performed at the Tirana Fashion Week 2017. The performances had a huge turnout, including thousands of people in attendance in the main Albanian square, and in the Scanderbeg Square in Lezhe for the historical activity “Emigrant Day”.


NY Elite: If you could try a new genre of music, what would it be?

Lissus Tilka: Absolutely, hard rock!

NY Elite: Do you enjoy writing music and/or lyrics?

Lissus Tilka: Yes! I think that I find myself in music.

NY Elite: Do You Have a Formal Music Education / Training?

Lissus Tilka: I had short courses with Italian guitar teachers and with Albanian composers.

I am always learning and practicing. I was lucky to have lessons by a very talented compositor of big hits of famous singers around the region here, such as Dj Cimi in Kosovo.

NY Elite: Do you play any instruments? 

Lissus Tilka: I play the Guitar.

NY Elite: What hidden talents do you have? 

Lissus Tilka: Styling, writing theaterplays, and to act there.

NY Elite: Who Are Your Musical Influences?

Lissus Tilka: I am fully influenced by different genres, rock, pop, and house music.

NY Elite: What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

Lissus Tilka: To be true to yourself and follow what your heart wants. If you are passionate about something, ask help from a professional or mentor to guide you. And in no time it will become second nature, where your true talent will shine.

NY Elite: What can we expect from you this year? Any tour plans?

Lissus Tilka: This year I do not have any tour plans. But I am open to doing local art activities. I am also an advocate of human rights and women rights. So I engage in several projects in support of single mothers, women, and orphans.

This coming winter, I am working on a putting together a theater production, a mythological prose. I am working hard with young actresses and musicians to achieve this goal.


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