“Terraza 7” documentary by Carlos Freire to screen at IFFNY Film Festival

“Terraza 7” is a short documentary written and directed by Carlos Freire, produced by Carlos Freire and Mariella Perez. The documentary is an official selection, competing at the International Filmmaker Festival of New York. It will screen at 4:30, on Sunday, May 27, 2018 at Producers Club Theaters (358 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036). The director will be available for Q&A at the screening. 


Carlos Freire is an Ecuadorian filmmaker from New York. He has worked as a media producer and director for more than a decade. He earned an A.A. degree in Media Studies, B.A. in Film, and a M.F.A. in Media and Communication Arts with a concentration in Documentary Production. Carlos has worked in different projects such as being the Director of Photography documenting the travels of the Ecuadorian Ex-President Rafael Correa to China and Saudi Arabia. During these travels Carlos Freire created content for Ecuadorian television.

Currently Carlos works at LaGuardia College as the Media Coordinator for the department of Marketing. In his free time Carlos works on his personal projects based on social issues that have to be addressed in order to create a social impact that brings change to this societies. Some of his projects are based on immigration, gay rights, and gentrification. These projects have been screened in film festivals in the United States and Europe.

Meet the Artist: NY Elite Interview with Director and Writer Carlos Freire

NY Elite: Congratulations on being an official selection at the prestigious International Filmmaker Festival of New York. What are your thoughts about being accepted at IFFNY 2018 film festival and having your film screen in New York City?

Carlos Freire: I feel grateful for the opportunity to showcase my work in New York because it will be exposed to a multicultural audience. Diversity is one of the main characteristics of this city and I think that it will create a different impact on each one of them.

NY Elite: Out of the 500 submissions world-wide, your film was selected as the top 40 for IFFNY. What does this mean for you in terms of representing your country/city at this international film competition?

Carlos Freire: Being one the top 40 films to be screened in this festival makes me feel that my effort wasn’t in vain. Also tells me that my team are the right people to work with, all of us share the joy of being a part of this festival.

NY Elite: With what project are you partaking at IFFNY 2018? What is it about?

Carlos Freire: My project is called “Terraza 7”. It is about how gentrification is affecting the small business of Jackson Heights, Queens. Because of that the area is losing its cultural diversity and the uniqueness of the area.

NY Elite: Who else is involved in the making of this project? Tell us a little bit more about the story and who is in it.  

Carlos Freire: My team members are Wigner Duarte, Gianni Sanchez, William Kelly, Mariela Pérez,  and Xavier Páez. These persons had very important roles in the making of my film. This story describes what’s happening at the time of going through an eviction process. There are interviews to the owner of Terraza 7, the workers of the place, clientele, musicians, and the neighbors of the area.


NY Elite: What message do you want to convey with this project?

Carlos Freire: Change is always good but unnecessary change will erase the uniqueness of our city. The small businesses are a vital part of the economy. There is no need to bring large corporations to destroy in one day what our communities have built hundreds of years ago.

NY Elite: The Red Carpet Opening Ceremony and the Awards Gala will take place at the renowned Kaufman Astoria Studios of New York. Do you plan to attend the IFFNY Festival taking place on May 25-29, 2018? What do you want the audience at IFFNY to take away from this film?

Carlos Freire: I plan to attend to the festival.

I want the audience to learn that no matter how small you can be, there is always a way to resist.

NY Elite: What makes a film great for you? Are there certain qualities that make a film better for you?

Carlos Freire: As a documentary filmmaker I think that a film that creates a positive impact is priceless.

NY Elite: Top 3 favorite films/projects you have been involved in?

Carlos Freire: Presidential travels to China and Saudi Arabia.

My dream at the other side. Filmed in Mexico and New York City

Terraza 7. Which is the one that I’m participating in this festival.

NY Elite: What are your career highlights and achievements thus far?

Carlos Freire: My main achievement is to have completed my education. Another thing that I see as an achievement is that I work doing what I love, for a good cause. The fact of being awarded for my work makes me feel that I’m on a good track to keep growing as a filmmaker.

NY Elite: Do you express yourself creatively in any other ways?

Carlos Freire: Producing films involve many way of creativity, for example set design, composition, sound design, color correction, etc. All of these techniques that we encounter in film make me express myself in many different ways. Film is a very complex career full of interesting areas of work.


NY Elite: What advice would you give to someone who wants to have a career in filmmaking?

Carlos Freire: Make films, no excuses!

NY Elite: What’s next for you?

Carlos Freire: I’m already working on a really good documentary, I won’t tell you what it is about, but I’m sure it will be something you want to see. Also, I have another topic lined up to be next after the one I’m working right now. I have to keep producing.


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