Exclusive Interview with Internationally Acclaimed Filmmaker, Mrika Krasniqi

New York is a place with rich cinematic history. For many years, films that came out of New York City and Hollywood have caught the attention of people at home and abroad. We have seen international film festivals such at the International Filmmaker Festival of New York, inspired by New York filmmakers, and film authors from around the world.

Over the years, internationally acclaimed filmmaker, Mrika Krasniqi has left her mark in the international scene as a film director, producer, writer, and festival director. Her documentary film “The Soldier” won Best Human Artist in France and Certificate of Honor at the Producers Network at Cannes Film Festival. Krasniqi’s other successful work “World’s Noblemen” screened in Cannes Film Festival and won Best Social Documentary at the New York Independent Film Festival. Mrika Krasniqi is an American-Albanian director who attained international acclaim and got famous outside United States. 


Actress of the The Kiss Film Debora Falabella with Director Mrika Krasiqi during the Awards Gala at IFFNY 2018, Photo by Ilir Rizaj Photography

Mrika Krasniqi is one of the most acclaimed directors in Kosovo and USA, who is a celebrated figure in the film world. During her career Mrika Krasniqi has made thought-provoking films, that make us think about life differently. The director is fascinated with social justice and human rights issues on screen. A noteworthy and appreciable aspect of her films especially the later ones, are the exploration of women rights, Jewish community and Besa, and anti-domestic violence. In fact, very few filmmakers in Kosovo and USA can claim to have women writers and directors as strong, important and impressive as Mrika Krasniqi.

“I believe that films are an important medium in today’s society to get the attention of people on important issues. I love to create strong female characters, interesting psychological dramas that push your thinking outside the box and bring about a reality that needs action.  I am proud that my films Soldier and World’s Noblemen got the attention of critics at CANNES and received awards. It is these kinds of stories that motivate me as a filmmaker to go forward and express myself as a filmmaker, writer, producer and director,” said award-winning filmmaker Mrika Krasniqi for NY Elite Magazine.

A lot of Mrika Krasniqi’s films found appreciation in foreign markets as well. This led to her being recognized by a lot of film festivals in particular, including Cannes, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Zagreb, Tirana, Prishtina, Greece, Poland, Italy, Bosnia, etc. The impact Mrika Krasniqi has made through her work will continue to influence the directors and filmmakers of the future. As Director, Mrika Krasniqi became a winner at many film festivals around the world, including Best Director, Best Social Documentary, Best Audience Award, Best International Social Documentary, Production Award, Best Human Artist, and Best Organizer.

Krasniqi’s recent film is titled “Proof” which was shot in New York in 2018. Proof is a psychological drama, starring legendary Albanian-American actor Xhevat Limani “Icon of Albanian Acting”,  written, directed and produced by Mrika Krasniqi.

“As filmmakers, I feel we bear the responsibility to show how social issues have an impact in motion pictures. With this film Proof, I wanted to show the audience, the psychological effect of the Kosovo post-war, where a family, grandfather and niece are faced with trauma, hardship and pain. It is a reminder of what war survivors go through and the needed support for families who have lost their loved ones in conflict,” added Mrika Krasniqi, director, writer and producer of Proof.


Director Mrika Krasniqi on the set of Proof, Photo by Iber Deari

Mrika Krasniqi recently, successfully completed the 7th Edition of the International Filmmaker Festival of New York (IFFNY), which took place at the prestigious Kaufman Astoria Studios from May 25-29, 2018. Since its creation in 2012, more than 7,000 have been in attendance, and the event is covered by both local and international newspapers and television stations. This year we had coverage from NBC, Telemundo, local New York Magazines and international TV Stations.

NY Elite June issue


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