Successful Designer Mirela Truja – In the name of Beauty

Mirela Turja is a talented fashion designer in Reggio, Emilia. For Mirela ’fashion’ is a living style in which her passion has grown into a successful business. The success of her brand lies in her ability to create unique clothes that enables businesswomen to demonstrate their confidence and be proud of it. For Mirela, dreaming big is very important. Over the years her clothing line has expanded into the beauty market with numerous collaborations that continue to grow. In this article Mirela sheds some light on her career as a fashion designer and gives us her best advice for women everywhere.


Mirela, what were your dreams as a child?

As a child I loved fashion and my dream was always that one day I would design my own collection and make my dream a reality. I wanted to study fashion design but it was impossible to enter the school of fashion in my country. For that reason, and to fulfil my father’s ambition for me, I started studying engineering instead.

When did fashion become your passion?

 It always has been. I cannot indicate a precise moment but once I started to study fashion I started to gain more confidence in my life and realized that was what I was meant to do.

How did you get to Italy and to Reggio, Emilia?

 As I said, working in the fashion industry in my country was impossible, but my passion has always been strong and so with great courage I decided to go to Italy to try to make my dreams come true. With my family, we emigrated to Italy 24 years ago.

I choose Milan because I already had support in Reggio Emilia. I started working as a part of the team for one of the biggest fashion agents here. I now manage a business through which I have fulfilled my dream with my own brand named ‘Oversoul’. When you have a dream, you should always go for it until you reach it.

Tell us about your unique style and the target audience you think you represent?

I am a person who loves to dare. My collection is very much my own creation and to my own tastes and I try to design clothes suitable for all the women entrepreneurs like myself who are not afraid to look sexy and extravagant with a defined and unique look. I am very passionate about this style, although I am aware that not everyone may like it. But I still insist on choosing to design a product for that part of society which enjoys that type of character and style that I bring to my work.


The fashion industry is very competitive. What makes you and your brand special?

Italy is a great place to be a fashion designer and the competition is very high. However, there is no other brand like mine. I’m trying to make it clear to women, to managers and to simple employees, not to be afraid to break down the typical canonical type of office wear which is very anonymous and now market saturated. The designs that I bring to women in business are unique. They provide a commodity that can be worn after long working hours when they need to find suitable wear for a special evening. To be successful in fashion design I insist on being careful about the details and the quality of the product until the final product is ready by maintaining the quality that is marked ‘Made in Italy’. I have both talent and passion – and when the two are blended together you gain the energy to always perform the best you can.

Mirela, who inspires you on a daily basis? And where do you gain your inspiration from?

I don’t think I find inspiration in someone particular. More than anything else inspiration is determined by time and by nature and especially by colour. Colour inspires me a lot and I don’t think there is a different season for different colours. I enjoy playing with colours and combining them in a peculiar way that many designers find unusual. In my imagination I figure out how I want to see the woman and she is ‘live’ to me during the whole process of my work and creation.

What are your future goals as a person and a businesswoman?

To be able to maintain what I have achieved so far by keeping the same level quality and always using my creativity to bring innovation to the clients. I would like my work to be celebrated internationally as always being the most original and having a unique quality that is both beautiful and self-determining. I like to make my clients feel happy with what they choose all the time. / Fati Gorezi


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