On the Red Carpet with Jenny Hodo

Jenny Hodo served as a Red Carpet Host for the International Filmmaker Festival of New York. Jenny tells NY Elite her Red Carpet experience, working with Jordan Griffith, the special guests she met with, and what she enjoyed at IFFNY, held at Kaufman Astoria Studios. 


Jenny Hodo on the Red Carpet, with award winning director Carlos Freire and actor Wigner Duarte (Photo by Ilir Rizaj)

How was your red carpet experience at the International Filmmaker Festival of New York?

Jenny Hodo: This experience was by far the most awesome, fun, exiting and enjoyable thus far for me. Not only I had a chance to meet filmmakers and actors from all over the world , but I also got to talk to them , interview them and learn more about their current and future projects. The organization this year was spotless. Everything from the opening ceremony all the way to the Awards Night was by far perfect. I am very happy that New York and people from all over the world get to see the Red Carpet interviews by me and my camera teammate Jordan Griffith.

What did you enjoy about IFFNY this year?

Jenny Hodo: I mostly enjoyed watching from close with my own eyes the transition of what in 2012 was called the Albanian Film Week to one of the most prestigious film festivals in New York. The progress of this festival from its first edition on is due to the hard work and dedication to its stuff, especially Ms. Mrika Krasniqi and her passion. All the positive energy was in the air during the days of festival, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Who were you excited to see on the Red Carpet?

Jenny Hodo: This edition was definitely special because it gathered filmmakers and producers from all over the world. So having a chance to talk in person with all these talented people was beyond exciting. I was honored to interview and have a conversation with Miranda Jean. A very young female director who won best short film category with her movie “Innocence”. She is absolutely very talented and I have had the chance to follow a couple of her past projects, she’s just great. I was absolutely very honored to meet her.

What special guests did you meet that you enjoyed talking with ?

Jenny Hodo: This is a difficult question, because I almost met everybody and I had a great time with every one of them.  Charles Xiuzhi Dong, the producer of “Cookie Heart”, was definitely a character. Energetic, funny, talented and genuine.


With Director Charles Xiushi Dong, and the team of award-winning film “Cookie Heart” (Photo by Innovation Media New York)

What movies did you see at IFFNY 2018 that you loved?

Jenny Hodo: No doubt “The kiss” by Murilio Benicio , awarded as the best featured film. It was mixed magic between theater and cinematography. Amazing cast. Debora Falabella and Stenio Garcia are two of my most favorite Brazilian movie stars. I grew up watching them both in Brazilian soap operas, when I was 12-16 years old. They’re both beyond talented and amazing.  Having them as a part of the festival was a dream came true for me.

What are three tips in successfully hosting the red carpet live interviews?

Jenny Hodo:

  1. Concentration and focus are key. Being surrounded by celebrities , and producers you dreamed getting close to can easily sidetrack the work.
  2. Trying to find out as much as possible from the special guests is also very important. Making them feel comfortable is the first step. The more they share about their present and future projects, the happier the public and their fans are.
  3. Have fun! At the end of the day what’s really memorable are the laughs and funny moments, and I tried to make the most of it. And since we’re here , I would like to give a special thank you to Ermira Babamusta, one of the leaders of IFFNY, who managed to provide an incredible comfortable and professional work environment for everybody.

Tell us a little more about your background, what do you do?

Jenny Hodo: I graduated in 2017 in International Criminal Justice from John Jay College, in New York. My main focus during college years and afterwards were human rights, especially women’s rights. By the end of my senior year, I had the golden opportunity to internship at the United Nations, NY, for Intersections International.  The focus during the internship was gender based violence , mostly in developing countries. Besides the academic Jenny, there’s also another Jenny who loves every type and aspect of art, in any form it can appear. I have tried modeling, acting and dancing. I love all three of them. Family and friends always ask me to pick one, the one I love the most  and I always tell them I can’t😊.


Award Winning Directors Michael Cicchetti and Miranda Jean, of “Innocence” film (Photo by Innovation Media New York)

What are your career aspirations?

Jenny Hodo: I definitely want to move forward with my academic studies. I plan to start my masters in Human Right very soon. Hopefully one day I will represent Albania at the United Nations.

What are some of your proudest moment in your life/career?

Jenny Hodo: Having my family on my graduation day was a very emotional moment for me. I was very grateful, because they came all the way from Albania to testimony my achievements. I could see the happiness and pride in my mother’s eyes. I was called by the Honor Society during the ceremony and awarded for the incredible results. Incredible moment, I still get emotional when I talk about it.

What other events/community involvement have you been a part of?

Jenny Hodo: Right now I am mainly focused in my career in human rights. I am also working in a new dance project, which will be released in a couple of months. Hopefully I will continue my further collaboration with IFFNY next year as well😊.

What motto do you live by?

Jenny Hodo: “Do what you love and let it kill you”. Very self-explanatory. Magic is made out if work, passion and soul.

Is there any other person or mentor who has inspired you keep going and pursue your dreams?

Jenny Hodo: Hands down my sister Vilma Hodo. She has taught me so much, above all she has taught me that dreams only come true when you work hard and pursue them. She is an actress and she loves her profession. Its amazing to see her following her dreams, she never gets tired. She is a fighter. I have a very close relationship with her, and I am blessed to be her sister.


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