David Boris Schaefer discusses his acting career and co-writing “Into my ears”

David Boris Schaefer is a Swiss-Croatian actor known for The True Story of Pinnochio (2019), Lads in the City (2019),  Into My Ears 2018, Eleven (2018).  David was born in Oberwil BL a small town near  Basel Switzerland. David worked previously 7 years as a international model for prestigious high fashion brands  and several  modeling agencies  Worldwide  like Elite Models Miami, Wilhelmina Models New York, Amck Models.
His latest Cover was a Men’s Health Cover. 


Photo by Nick James

David also worked as a  singer songwriter in dance pop under the name David Deen and achieve  with the internationally  successful Dj Mike Candy’s a hit for a song called All Around the World where he sang the lead Vocals. David was also signed to Sony Music / Disney and was a member of a popband called Culture Box, where he  traveled all over Europe and often performed in front of more than 20,000 people.

Since 2014 he’s  fully focusing on acting  and is training at Identity School of Acting in London. David is represented by Reflections Talent Agency Emily Maguire.

Meet the Artist: NY Elite Interview with Actor David Boris Schaefer

What are your latest current movie projects?

David Boris Schaefer: I am preparing for a feature film called  “The True  Story of Pinnochio” and I  worked on my first co written  short  film called “Into my ears” with Director Michael Orlik. I also  finished shooting in January a world war 1 feature film called eleven and played a German lance Corporal called Otto Schneider. It was a beautiful but a very  challenging shoot it’s  a war drama about the end of the world war one the specifically about the   last hour 11am . It was   definitely the  coldest weather I ever worked  every single person from the  cast and crew helped and gave 150 % to make that war film possible Never  seen anything like this before on a film shoot it was very special the Director Rock Salt and Executive Producer Roy Rivett  Co Director Sean Cronin  created something outstanding and I’m grateful to be part of that beautiful  film alongside of some wonderful actors like Jo Stone-Fewings , Richard Dee Roberts, Sean Cronin , Jamie Hill to name a few of the outstanding cast .  We all connected very well and we’re like a family I call it the eleven family. The release will be in November  right at the 100 years anniversary of the world war 1. Can’t wait to see everyone.

What  character did you played  in the film?

David Boris Schaefer: I played a German lance corporal called Otto Schneider it was a beautiful part I had to play but also a challenging one as I had a emotional part I don’t wanna tell too much definitely come and see the premiere in November in London it’s a beautiful feature film definitely unique.

What is it like to work with the director?

David Boris Schaefer: Working with the director Rock Salt was such an humbling experience that im  forever grateful for not only we became like brothers in real life and talk about life he’s  also on set a genius he exactly knows what he wants from every single  actor cause he’s a brilliant actor writer  for many years himself and now director.  We discussed before how he sees the character Otto Schneider and we rehearse and talked about the character many times to bring his beautiful script eleven to life. First meeting with rock it was not a formal  handshake it was a big hug he will be directing many more great films there is something about his style and writing it’s very real all of us at the table read had tears in our eyes  when you watch eleven  the movie in November you will see what I mean .

Which movies have you played a lead role?

David Boris Schaefer: I just finished 3 weeks ago shooting my first co written short film with a Swiss Director  called Michael Orlik the short  is called Into My Ears which is going to be submitted for the film festival this year I was playing a character called Mike Madison and was being the lead. It’s a film about a businessman who is trying after longer break getting back to work and don’t know what is reality and what is a dream in his life then some very  mysterious  things happen.

Favorite roles?

David Boris Schaefer: I would say every role I could play was somehow intresting to play but the most memorable one was the one from the world war 1 feature  film Eleven  playing  Otto Schneider being in  war film was just an incredible humbling experience being In those trenches could give me slightly an idea how horrible and heartbreaking  it must have been to be  in a world war . This role definitely changed me as a human being.


Photo by Marc Regas

What do you enjoy most about my acting career?

David Boris Schaefer: I really enjoy reading scripts and preparing for a character that’s when I take my time and disconnect to  become the character also love the traveling part and also acting gives me the chance to play characters from psycho to villain that I can not do in real life that’s fun and every role is challenging I like that never know what comes next . You just wait for you agent to call and say David have you read the script ? Next week’s  you going  to play a Gangster and  in the end you get blown up in a car is that cool ? Just an example 🙂

What hobbies do you have?

David Boris Schaefer: I love martial arts that means I started with boxing then went to  thay boxing , and now I look more into Russian fighting style called systema which is the Russian secret service martial arts training it’s fun but very tough .every training you fight against your fears little more . Also love singing was a signed  professional singer before with Sony music  . Travelling is also a big part I really enjoy meeting new cultures and learn from them .

What projects are you currently working on? 

David Boris Schaefer: I am currently preparing for a feature film called the true story of pinnochio with Antonis Toumaidis known under the name Toymaker  where I play a character called Joshua Hill it’s a horror drama  and we are starting Production later this year iam very exited for this project .

What personal advice can  give someone impressing director in a audition? 

David Boris Schaefer: I would always say preparation is the key and  very important but after that    what I do and helped me making steady progress  is being yourself it’s so easy to say that when you wanna impress someone but what I do is before I go In a audition room or important meeting I say no need to be nervous we are all just human beings and give our best   I prepared well I did all I can now just give your best and  be yourself be the person your friends love and appreciate  and show them who you really are have fun.  It works most of time often iam too honest some like that some dont but I always try to keep It real when it comes to performances or everyday life we learned in my acting school at Identity School of acting always  tell the truth no matter what. Hope that helps.

What Charity organisation do you support?

David Boris Schaefer: I don’t support a specific charity organisation  but I do help in everyday life where I can often help homeless people especially here in London it’s breaking my heart when I see them cold weather wintertime and I know I can sleep tonight in a warm bed . I think it’s important giving back or at least help with small steps I see so many people who need help and  unfortunately can’t help them all but I try to be aware and open my  eyes when I walk around if I spot someone who  needs my help  I will  help.

What are the things you are most grateful for?

David Boris Schaefer: I would say my family, that I am healthy and my loved ones, my agent Emily Maguire for believing in me  and for life in general I’ve been through so many ups and downs but it was teaching me a big lesson that I can not take anything for granted and it’s all part of life  and that all is temporary with that saying we must enjoy everything definitely practice mindfulness and I am grateful for my life.


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