Ibër Deari: Where there is Cinema, there is Hope

Ibër, congrats on being chosen as Festival Selector for the International Filmmaker Festival of New York. How was that experience for you?

Ibër Deari: Thank you very much for letting me tell you abut my experience in this great film festival! For me it was a great experience but on the other hand it was a big responsibility too. You know you have to watch all the movies  and choose them correctly. I mean most of them were great movies and in the end to choose some of them it was very hard. That’s a big responsibility, sometimes you want to have all of them in the program but the rules are different so I was happy to watch great movies. It is my passion and I love doing this. To be honest I can’t wait for the next edition, I’m sure that IFFNY now is going to be bigger and bigger. The best place to show your movies is always New York.


What do you think about the film culture today? You have worked both in Macedonia and New York and have seen both sides of the film world. Can you make any comparison with the American vs. European film culture?

Ibër Deari: I love making movies in New York, it’s much easier than in Macedonia. In New York you have a lot of scenography and beautiful places. If you have money you can easily find a lot of different equipment needed for filmmaking. There are a lot of different people and you can create a lot of different stories. In Macedonia there are no such new things, it is a small country and everything is the same, you have some good places but you cannot create something big or different. Everything looks the same.

Comparing American Vs. European movies, Uhf, to be honest, I love American cinema. I don’t hate European movies but i can say I like European and love American ones … Maybe I’m wrong but I think in Europe there are some directors trying to make ART movies, and in the end they make no art and no movies, just some boring movies… if your movie is boring it doesn’t mean that it’s an ART movie. Some young directors are perfect, but they need support to make movies. I can’t make comparison between American vs. European. I’m in Love with America and American Movies.

When looking at the film industry, how can a filmmaker survive in this business? Especially indie filmmakers?

Ibër Deari: There is no survivor, only passion. Independent filmmaking isn’t a job, it’s a passion! There are some people who put their hearts and minds for movies, there are real cinephiles who suffer everything just to create movies.

Working in this business like indie filmmakers it’s the same like you’re taking a sunbath in the middle of the ocean. You have to enjoy it. It’s hard but u have to.

You must be highly creative, to know everything in this business. I mean like a director it’s better to know editing, screenwriting, camera! So that’s the best way. You can do all by yourself; you don’t have to hire DOP or Editor. You know the job, you do the job. You are the master.   


What are some unrealistic expectations of the film industry? How does society, politics play a role in film/arts culture?

Ibër Deari: In my country there is no film industry! There is the Ministry of Culture and film fund who finance movies. And to be honest there is no right way how u can get supported for a movie. If Woody Allen would have applied in Macedonia under a  different name, I’m sure he would have been rejected. You know some times I get disappointed, because some mediocre storytellers get supported by the film fund and real filmmakers stay out of the game. It’s very political. Until now it has been very political, so basically  you had to be part of a Political “Artist CLAN” to win a project. I’m hoping that this won’t the same anymore, but we have to wait to see changes! There is some hope!

I’m waiting for the day when the names of winners are the best film directors not some amateur actors who are directing movies. They get the support; make some mediocre movies and nobody watches them. They are bad actors and Mediocre Storytellers… In Macedonia there are some great film directors who should get supported. They are real filmmakers, and I’m sure soon we are going to see in cinema the names of real filmmakers.   

As always you stay busy with film and theater. Can you tell us about your film projects you are working on?

Ibër Deari: Yeah I’m working on some shorts movies, but the most important it’s my new screenplay for feature movie. I really love it and can’t wait for the day to make it. It’s a story I have been working for a long time. With this movie I want to show something very important in our society! So I’m still keeping it secret what the story is about, but I’m sure people will love it.

What about theater? 

Ibër Deari: Yeah I work in theater too… in my city I mostly like to make plays for children. They are very honest and they love theatres. Children are the future audience of theatres  and movies. I’m preparing my future audience! You know, when they come to the  theatre they are very honest, laughing all the time and enjoying theatre. Maybe some of them will fall in love with acting, directing, music or writing and in the future they will choose to be an artist. We need to support them and show them the way of art. 

What are some tips you can give on what to expect after film school. What are some ways to get into the film industry?

Ibër Deari: Forget everything you learned in film school – and get ready for real film school on the SET.

I mean the best way is to  GET RICH and MAKE MOVIES. If you are not rich, than make rich friends and convince them to finance your movie. If this doesn’t work, than stay home and watch movies… be critical and wait for your days to come.


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