Exclusive: Lissus Tilka on her upcoming album release

Musician Nertila Haxhia is known for her artist name “Lissus Tilka”. She recently released the music video for her popular song titled “Ska ma Ne” directed by Eris Nikolli. In this exclusive NY Elite interview Lissus Tilka talks about her debut album plans, and her upcoming performances. 

Ballet, Art, Fashion and Culture in Monte Carlo

THE EVENT of the INTERNATIONAL BALLET EXAMS of the “LORENA BARICALLA MONTE-CARLO RUSSIAN METHOD” The 2018 Event of the International Ballet Exams of the “Méthode Russe de Monte-Carlo de Lorena Baricalla” (“Lorena Baricalla Monte-Carlo Russian Method”) has taken place on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 April in the prestigious Auditorium Prince Rainier III of Monaco,…

Gerina Mullaj on her next book and creative writing

NY Elite: What projects are you currently working on?  Gerina Mullaj: I am working on my second book and I hope to find the possible way for achieving the standard I want for my creativity. My first book is titled ‘The Holy Sin’ and it received the success I had hoped for. I don’ t…

Vebi Kosumi’s New Book: Can Crimea Claim Secession and Accession to Russian Federation in Light of Kosovo’s Independence?

Vebi Kosumi, migrated to the UK from Kosovo during the dissolution of former Yugoslavia. He has worked with asylum seekers and refugees since 2000. He is a board member of Asylum Aid, Migrant Resource Centre and Music in Detention. Vebi is currently an International Development Consultant and works with victims of human trafficking and modern slavery. Vebi completed Masters…

Exploring the artistic vision of Noah Bowman’s masterpieces

NY Elite: Tell us a little about yourself.  Noah Bowman: I’m an artist from Vancouver, Canada. My work studies the blend between abstraction and representational in the figurative form. My paintings are fluid, flowing and full of expression. I’m interested in the visceral, beauty of the body, formal metaphors of the body and bold colors.

Daria Grigoryeva’s beauty of life through art

  NY Elite: Tell us a little about yourself and your career beginnings. Daria Grigoryeva: I’m totally woman, my art is very “private”, about every day life and objects that are around us. I like to make them “heroes” and I treat them with all respect.  

Meet the Artist: Interview with painter Anesti Duka

NY Elite: Tell us about yourself and your career beginnings. My name is Anesti Duka and I am an artist from Tirana, Albania. I am currently an art professor. My profession is an artist painter. I am graduated in the University of Arts of Albania for monumental painting. I always create on my free time,…

Writer Nila Cohen on her latest novel “Last train to Berlin”

NY Elite: Tell us a little bit about yourself.  Nila Cohen: I work as a specialist in preschool educational programs and run my own business Shalom Center Albania, in Tirana. Used to work as a project coordinator in the Open Society Foundation in the field of Preschool Education and Parenting Treatment Programs. I graduated from the…

Another success for singer pianist Vlashent Sata in New York

Following his success in Europe, Vlashent Sata had another memorable performance in New York. Born in 1983 in Tirana, Vlashent Sata is a Albanian-French singer-song writer, author, composer and performer. Vlashent started his singing career very early at the age of 5. At the age of 6, he started to learn the piano, encouraged by…

NADGE: Reaching astonishing new heights with creative photography

NADGE (Jan Serrano) is a talented photographer based in Singapore. NADGE’s pursuit of astonishing photography has taken him around the world, capturing majestic, epic and bold moments. In an exclusive interview for NY Elite NADGE talks about what inspires his passion for photography and some of his adventures around the world. 

“An Act of Dog” Documentary to air on PBS this fall

Mark Barone, a narrative artist for over 35 years, has received numerous prestigious grants and awards for artistic excellence and his work exhibited nationally and internationally. He has impacted the Arts dramatically throughout his acclaimed career and in late 2017, Mark’s art for advocacy work will be featured in an upcoming PBS documentary!

Meet the Author: Interview with Margaritë Camaj

Margaritë Camaj, also known as Magi, grew up in the Bronx, New York, but has Albanian roots that go deep into her being. She is a New York State Attorney. Her passion is music and words, which is why she loves songwriting and Entertainment Law. Magi is an Author of 7 self-published works of literature and…

Meet the Model: Interview with Yuliya Bratnichenko

Yuliya Bratnichenko is an award-winning Ukrainian model, who started getting into fashion at a very young age. She has been featured in many magazines and loves to express herself in her own unique style. In the following interview Yuliya talks about her passions, what beauty and fashion mean to her and her career highlights.