Enkelejd Mezini, Successful Celebrity Entrepreneur

Enkelejd Mezini began his acting career in Athens, Greece where he grew up and studied acting and film production in the “Cinema of Changes”. While still studying, Enkelejd began acting professionally in 2012, playing roles in popular Greek TV shows and in February 2014, became a main cast member of Big Brother Albania 7 on…

Mrika Krasniqi: Female Entrepreneur to watch out for in 2018

Mrika Krasniqi is a very impressive female entrepreneur whose leadership qualities make her one of the most successful female leaders in the business world. Mrika Krasniqi has over 20 years of experience in acting, screenwriting, film making, film directing, program managing, project implementing, founding and co-founding movie events. Mrika Krasniqi is an award-winning filmmaker and…

Ketrin Leka Basile is a finalist for the CEW Beauty Insider Awards

Ketrin Leka Basile is a finalist for the CEW Beauty Insider Awards, the industry’s highest honor, announced in New York City. CEW Awards celebrates innovative new beauty products. Basile has been nominated for the Indie Fragrance Category. Ketrin Leka Basile has created fragrances that have defined leading brands. With over 13 years of experience she has created…

Dael Dervishi: Bringing Positive Change in Albania

Dael Dervishi talks with NY Elite about his current projects, his work at Next Generation Leaders (NGL) program of the McCain Institute, and his new non profit initiative “Naturally Transparent Resources”. NY Elite: What are you currently working on? Tell us a little bit more about your company/organization.   Dael Dervishi: Since September 2016 I’m part…

Shtegu Vrajolli: The Lion Heart MMA Fighter and Martial Arts Champion

Shtegu Vrajolli is an MMA fighter and among the best athletes in the sport. Vrajolli is currently ranked nr. 9 in the German featherweight. He won the International German Championship in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2012. He is a tough, hard-working, and a young Albanian MMA fighter competing in the featherweight. He has participated in several national…

Herve Doliska named “Best Fitness Instructor” in Miami

Fitness instructor, health guru and radio personality Herve Doliska is named the “Best Fitness Instructor” in Miami. Herve coaches group fitness and exercise classes, and trains individuals one on one to get the best results fast. His fitness program “Get Fit with Herve” has created a transformation fitness and health movement in Florida, inspiring many…

Michael Schmitt: A life of leadership and inspiration

Michael Schmitt has been passionate about economic and community development through his dedication, commitment and hard work in Illinois and beyond. His leadership inspires change and progress in the international stage because of his dedication, vision and inspiration. Michael Schmitt is the Executive Director of the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago (AICC).

Mrika Krasniqi honored “Woman of the Year” by U.S. Congress

Artist and entrepreneur Mrika Krasniqi is honored as “Woman of the Year 2016” by U.S. Congress. As an extraordinary woman Mrika Krasniqi is honored for her achievements in arts, films and business. On 21 April 2016 the Honorable US Senator Charles Schumer recognized Mrika Krasniqi for her international efforts to strengthen cultural and business multilateral ties between USA-Kosovo-Albania-Macedonia-Italy. At the request of the Honorable Senator Charles Schumer the American flag was flown over the United States Capitol on April 21, 2016 for Mrika Krasniqi, “Woman of the Year 2016”.

Fabjon Lunaj on the Path to a Successful Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioner

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is quickly rising into one of the most popular forms of martial arts today. Fabjon Lunaj is an accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitzu practitioner: he is humble, persistent, patient, a great teacher willing to teach others and be “coachable”. He has the traits of a successful BJJ practitioner. Lunaj started lifting weights and bodybuilding as a hobby then later he incorporated Brazilian Jiu Jitzu (BJJ) into his MMA training.

#inspire: Daniel Wienecke Leadership Principles

Daniel Wienecke is an inspirational leader who has made a difference in his community and in United States. As Program Manager for WorldDenver Daniel has achieved milestones for the leadership and cultural program. Honored with the “Programmer of the Year” Award Daniel Wienecke embodies the qualities of an inspirational leader by going beyond serving others and helping others succeed.