Beauty Creations with the talented Makeup Artist Dona Mavraj

Dona Mavraj was born in Brooklyn, NY with her cultural background coming from Kosova. She is very proud being Albanian since the culture has affected her life growing up in many ways. She works as a Freelance Makeup Artist. She has had many other opportunities including modeling but she always enjoyed doing makeup on herself…

Meet the Model: Exclusive Interview with Sabrina Perlleshi

NY Elite Magazine: Tell us a little bit about yourself.  Sabrina Perlleshi: My name is Sabrina Perlleshi and I am an American-Albanian from Westchester, New York. I am 21 years old and attend Marist College. There, I study fashion merchandising and have a concentration in product development. I also have a minor in fashion design…

Fiona Abdullahu, the makeup artist that wows with her art

Fiona Abdullahu is a talented makup artist, who received her training from the professional academies in Helsinki and Paris. The looks that she creates are a work of art, transforming people’s faces to artwork. She wows you with her make-up skills. Currently Fiona is working on a new project called “Fake it Real”,  which features six signature looks:…

Meet the Model: Interview with Yuliya Bratnichenko

Yuliya Bratnichenko is an award-winning Ukrainian model, who started getting into fashion at a very young age. She has been featured in many magazines and loves to express herself in her own unique style. In the following interview Yuliya talks about her passions, what beauty and fashion mean to her and her career highlights. 

“Mullixhiu” Tirana’s Best Hospitality and Fine Dining

Mullixhiu Restaurant in Tirana is one of the top restaurants in Albania that offers fine dining, great hospitality and family warmth that honors the tradition and values of the great Chef Bledar Kola. Famous photographer Ilir Rizaj has captured the sophisticated yet relaxed warmth of the Mullixhiu restaurant during his recent trip in Albania. 


By: Kathryn Sempecos With summer coming quickly, many of you are now starting to think about those embarrassing areas of concern. Whether it’s dull, wrinkly skin or excess skin or fat around the arms, abdomen or legs & butt. Wow….Summer can bring a lot of stress for people who don’t quite feel ready to shed…

Naledi Design: Innovative, Timeless, Unique

Industrial Chic Meets Modern Fashion Michael Moloi designs intriguing and complex jewelry for artists. Inspired by nature, dance, music and all art forms, successful designer Michael Moloi creates the finest in handcrafted custom made jewelry, accessories, sculptures and furniture.

Herve Doliska named “Best Fitness Instructor” in Miami

Fitness instructor, health guru and radio personality Herve Doliska is named the “Best Fitness Instructor” in Miami. Herve coaches group fitness and exercise classes, and trains individuals one on one to get the best results fast. His fitness program “Get Fit with Herve” has created a transformation fitness and health movement in Florida, inspiring many…

Sophisticated collections stunned the New York runway during Albanian Fashion Week 2017

CEO of Albanian Fashion Agency and organizer of the Albanian Fashion Week, Mrika Krasniqi picked seven designers to show off their beautiful collections during Albanian Fashion Week 2017 in New York. These internationally known designers are some of the best in the Albanian fashion industry, namely: Ardi Asllani, Kadrije Brestofci, Jehona Bunjaku, Dashurie Elshani, Flora Select, Aferdita Adela and Aida Selimaj.