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Listen Now: Marvel Audio Founding Producer to Adapt “The Count of Monte Cristo” As Fiction Podcast

Listen Now: Marvel Audio Founding Producer to Adapt “The Count of Monte Cristo” As Fiction Podcast

NEW YORK, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Award-winning creator Chloe Wilson, who led production of the internationally acclaimed fiction podcast “Marvel’s Wolverine” is releasing the first-ever fiction podcast adaptation of “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Part 1 of the show premieres on May 21, with the first two episodes available on all podcast platforms.

For the first time in its 150-year history, Alexandre Dumas’ epic tale of revenge is retold as an ensemble-driven story with a focus on its one-percenters, scheming social climbers, and the redemptive power of hope. After a fateful meeting abroad, the enigmatic Count of Monte Cristo arrives in Paris to establish a new life. Though he soon becomes a cornerstone of high society, mysterious and tragic happenings quickly follow – threatening the Parisian upper class in unimaginable ways. As star-crossed lovers, scheming sycophants, and ambitious criminals strive for what they think they deserve, questions arise about Paris’ new, fabulously wealthy resident. Not just about why the Count of Monte Cristo has come to Paris, but about the secrets that lurk behind his inscrutable facade.

“The Count of Monte Cristo” will be released in two parts, each with 7 episodes. Part 1 premieres Tuesday, May 21, with the first two episodes are available wherever you listen to podcasts. Following episodes will be released weekly through June.

The trailer is available for listening here:

Part 2 will premiere later this year, in Fall 2024.

“When I read ‘The Count of Monte Cristo‘ for the first time, I was stunned and delighted at how timely Dumas’ ideas are to today’s world,” said Wilson, who also directed the show. “I am incredibly excited to be the first person to bring ‘The Count of Monte Cristo‘ to fiction podcasts, with the story’s international and diverse ensemble at the center.”

The cast of “The Count of Monte Cristo” consists of 30+ distinct characters, a currently-unheard of technical and creative feat for fiction podcasting. The ensemble stars acclaimed opera singer Keith Klein as “The Count of Monte Cristo,” but also features a variety of voiceover artists, theater performers, and one professional Santa Claus.

“The Count of Monte Cristo” is the first production under Wilson’s new production outfit, Little Lucky Productions. Little Lucky focuses on premium fiction across all mediums with a focus on action-oriented narratives and large ensembles. Chloe Wilson is an award-winning writer/director whose work has been recognized by the Austin Film Festival. She co-created Marvel’s Webby Award-winning “Wolverine” audio fiction series and has produced for Two-Up Studios (the team behind “Limetown”), Paramount, Apple TV, the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Nickelodeon, and many other major brands.

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