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Fresh Magazine Launch Party in Paris.

As soon as France have eased Covid-19 strict lockdown restrictions Paris has come to life and again, parties and events are held everywhere.

On 10-Th June 2021 at the famous Parisian hotel Normandy the young but already well-established magazine Fresh Magazine organized a Launch party and has invited many celebrities, influencers and professionals from the beauty, fashion and luxury industries. 

24Fashion TV CEO Fresh Magazine Yanis Bargoin 1623419962 jpg

CEO Fresh Magazine Yanis Bargoin 

24Fashion TV Actress Patricia Gloria Contreras 1623420148 jpg

24Fashion TV Mexican actress Patricia Gloria Contreras 1623419947 jpg

Actress Patricia Gloria Contreras

24Fashion TV Cedric Lanappe Patricia Gloria Contreras Antoine Schmidt 1623420234 jpg

Cedric Lanappe, Patricia Gloria Contreras and Antoine Schmidt

24Fashion TV Dancer Maxime Dereymez 1623420323 jpg

Dancer Maxime Dereymez

24Fashion TV Janaina de Macedo Cedric Lanappe Yanis Bargoin 1623420483 jpg

Janaina de Macedo, Cedric Lanappe, Yanis Bargoin

24Fashion TV Singer Sarah Martinas Actor Jeremy Bellet 1623420537 jpg

Singer Sarah Martinas & Actor Jeremy Bellet

24Fashion TV Stylist and influencer Eve Pamba 1623420582 jpg

Stylist and influencer - Eve Pamba

24Fashion TV French singer Nicoletta 1623420656 jpg

French singer Nicoletta

24Fashion TV Fashion Stylist Mila Eva 1623420712 jpg

Fashion Stylist - Mila Eva

24Fashion TV Actor Jeremy Bellet 1623420752 jpg

Actor Jeremy Bellet

Photojournalist: Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad. Production: Fashionview for

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