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Dreamin’ Wild trailer: Casey Affleck gets another chance to live the dream in Bill Pohlad’s musical drama

Dreamin’ Wild trailer: Casey Affleck gets another chance to live the dream in Bill Pohlad’s musical drama

Roadside Attractions is thrilled to present its Dreamin’ Wild trailer, starring Casey Affleck as the inspiring musician Donnie Emerson.

Casey Affleck is continuing his comeback, and he’s bringing his guitar. Roadside Attractions is proud to present the studio’s Dreamin’ Wild trailer, featuring Affleck as singer/songwriter Donnie Emerson, for a story about music, hope, redemption, and keeping dreams alive. Bill Pohlad directs from a script he wrote based on actual events, with a cast of greats tapping their toes, to an inspiring tale that hits struggling musicians where they live.

Here’s the official synopsis for Dreamin’ Wild, per Roadside Attractions:

Dreamin’ Wild, the true story of love and redemption, is about what happened to singer/songwriter Donnie Emerson and his family when the album he and his brother recorded as teens was rediscovered after thirty years of obscurity and was suddenly hailed by music critics as a lost masterpiece. While the album’s rediscovery brings hopes of second chances, it also brings long-buried emotions as Donnie, his wife Nancy, brother Joe, and father Don Sr. come to terms with the past and their newly found fame.

Casey Affleck leads the emotional journey through hard times in and out of the music industry, with Zooey Deschanel, Noah Jupe, Jack Dylan Grazer, Beau Bridges, Walton Goggins, and Chris Messina making up the rest of the cast. Pohlad produces Dreamin’ Wild alongside Jim Burke, Kim Roth, Karl Spoerri, and Viviana Vezzani.

Dreamin' WIld, Casey Affleck, trailer
Dreamin' WIld, Casey Affleck, trailer

In the Dreamin’ Wild trailer, Affleck appears to deliver an emotional performance alongside his outstanding co-stars. Having your dreams dashed and then resurrected by fate is a brilliant material for a heartwarming story about never giving up your goals. Donnie Emerson’s journey is proof of that.

Roadside Attractions will release DREAMIN’ WILD exclusively in theaters on August 4th, 2023.

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