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Out Come the Wolves: Missy Peregrym, Adam MacDonald survival thriller is now filming

The survival thriller Out Come the Wolves, directed by Adam MacDonald and starring Missy Peregrym, is now filming

Nine years ago, actor Adam MacDonald made his feature writing and directing debut with an entertaining survival thriller called Backcountry (watch it HERE), which starred Missy Peregrym as a woman lost in the wilderness and menaced by a bear. Two and a half years ago, we heard that MacDonald and Peregrym were going to be teaming up for a new survival thriller called Out Come the Wolves – which, as you might guess from the title, will have Peregrym facing off with a pack of ravenous wolves. Now Variety has confirmed that filming is now underway.

MacDonald is directing Out Come the Wolves from a screenplay by Enuka Okuma, based on a story they crafted with actor Joris Jarsky of God’s Country. The story centers on a woman who brings her male best friend to meet her fiancé at her family’s secluded family cabin in the woods. As tensions grow between the two men, they set off into the wild on a deer hunt, before a pack of ravenous wolves forces them to face the darkest side of nature.

Peregrym is playing the woman in question, and Jansky is playing the woman’s best friend. Damon Runyan (Star Trek: Discovery) is also in the cast, so it’s probably a safe bet that he’s playing the fiancé.

Out Come the Wolves is being produced by High Park Entertainment and December Films. Individual producers include Eric Birnberg, Thomas Walden, Todd Berger, and Thomas Vencelides.

MacDonald had previously provided the following statement: “I’m beyond excited to start production on Out Come the Wolves. I feel a deep responsibility to bring the intense, visceral emotional experience to life, putting viewers on the very edge of their seats.” Now that production has officially begun, he had this to say: “Out Come the Wolves had a long gestation period. We’ve been dreaming of this project for nearly a decade and it was beginning to feel like our own Fury Road. Now we’re finally on the ground running with the support of High Park Entertainment and others. With the incredible creative team assembled, we have the recipe for something truly groundbreaking. My goal is to bring everyone to the very edge of their seats til the very last frame, to push the limits as far as possible.

In addition to Backcountry, MacDonald’s directing credits include Pyewacket and seasons 3, 4, and 5 of the TV series Slasher.

Out Come the Wolves is expected to receive a late 2024 release. IFC Films and the Shudder streaming service will be handling distribution in the United States, while levelFILM will be releasing the film in Canada.

Does Out Come the Wolves sound interesting to you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

I enjoyed Backcountry, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this one is going to turn out.

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