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The Breach: Slash-produced horror film gets July release in the U.S.

The Breach: Slash-produced horror film gets July release in the U.S.

The Breach, a horror film produced by Slash and directed by Rue Morgue Magazine founder Rodrigo Gudiño, has a July release date in the U.S.

A couple weeks ago, we learned that Rue Morgue Magazine founder Rodrigo Gudiño’s film The Breach will be getting a VOD and digital release in the UK and Ireland on July 10th – and now it has been confirmed that the film will be reaching VOD and digital in the US just one day later, on July 11th! A trailer for The Breach can be seen in the embed above, so check it out and see if this looks like a movie you’ll want to watch next month.

The release date in Australia and New Zealand is July 12th.

Based on an Audible Original Podcast written by Nick Cutter (get the audiobook HERE), The Breach follows John Hawkins, who is set to retire from his post as police chief of the small town of Lone Crow that is tucked away in the deep woods of northern Ontario. But following the discovery of a gruesome body with uncanny injuries, he’s pulled into an investigation to solve the horrifying mystery, which evades explanation.

Cutter wrote the screenplay with Ian Weir. The film stars Allan Hawco, Emily Alatalo, Wesley French, Natalie Brown, and Adam Kenneth Wilson.

A major drawing point for The Breach is the fact that it was executive produced by musician Slash, who also co-produced the score. Pasha Patriki of Hangar 18 Media produced the film with Andrew Thomas Hunt, James Fler, and Michael Paszt of Raven Banner Entertainment. Gregor Habsburg and Jacquelyn Frisco of De Angeles Films were also executive producers.

JoBlo’s own Tyler Nichols already got to see The Breach a year ago, and he wasn’t very impressed with the movie (you can read his 5/10 review HERE). He did note that the score “is all sorts of kickass. Slash uses his expert musical knowledge to provide such a texture to the proceedings. This isn’t just a guitarist who’s riffing over some cool visuals, this is an organic melding together into one entity. If anything, I’d compare it to Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind’s score for The Shining. Which is massively high praise.”

Are you interested in The Breach? What did you think of the trailer? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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