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Fabrizio Facchini Shines as Italian Cuisine Ambassador at Prestigious Dinner Supporting UNESCO Candidacy

Fabrizio Facchini Shines as Italian Cuisine Ambassador at Prestigious Dinner Supporting UNESCO Candidacy

Renowned Chef Fabrizio Facchini orchestrates a magnificent dinner supporting Italian Cuisine as a UNESCO candidate, attended by esteemed guests and collaborating with renowned Italian colleagues while receiving the title of Italian Cuisine Ambassador.

NEW YORK, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Renowned Chef Fabrizio Facchini had the honor of organizing and cooking a magnificent dinner in support of Italian Cuisine as a candidate at UNESCO. The exclusive event occurred on Saturday, June 24th, at the prestigious Gotham Hall in New York City. Under the patronage of Italian Trade Agency President Matteo Zoppas and New York Director Antonino Laspina, Fabrizio Facchini orchestrated a culinary masterpiece for 190 distinguished guests and VIPs. 

The dinner was attended by some prominent names such as Italian Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida, Italian Ambassador Mariangela Zeppia, Consul General Fabrizio Di Michele, Celebrity Chef Lidia Bastianich, Guido Barilla of Barilla Pasta, Olga Urbani of Urbani Truffles, and others. 

Fabrizio Facchini collaborated with his renowned Italian colleagues, including Chef Alessandro Borghese, TV Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur; Enrico Derflingher, Former Chef of the White House and Buckingham Palace, and President of Eurotoques; Gianni Tarabin, a two Michelin-starred chef; and Andrea Zanin, a renowned pastry chef. 

At the occasion, Minister Lollobrigida named Fabrizio Facchini, an Italian Cuisine Ambassador, and honored him with the “I am La Cucina Italiana – UNESCO Heritage” plaque. Chef Facchini proudly accepted the honor, representing his nation, its food, and its culture in the US. He thanked the Italian government for trusting him and pledged to promote Italian cuisine globally. 

The Fancy Culinary Show, one of the world’s largest culinary shows, opened the following day of this spectacular supper. Along with Universal Marketing, chef Fabrizio Facchini managed the Italian Trade Agency Lounge and the Italian pavilion with his 350 exhibitors. Chef Facchini organized the Opening Ceremony, cookery shows, and catering. Minister Francesco Lollobrigida spoke on UNESCO at the Opening Ceremony. 

Bill Lynch, Specialty Food Association President; Matteo Zoppas, Italian Trade Agency President; and Donato Cinelli, CEO of Universal Marketing, who received a Life Achievement Award, were notable attendees. Giada De Laurentiis, Massimo Bottura, Pasquale Torente, Lidia Bastianich, Jacques Torres, Nicolas Fiasconaro, Stefano Bonaccini, and Michel Nischan also visited the Italian Lounge and Food Show. Fabrizio Facchini’s remarkable contributions to Italian cuisine and unwavering dedication to promoting its heritage have earned him widespread acclaim. His role as an ambassador for Italian gastronomy continues to elevate the nation’s culinary standing on the global stage.
The Chef was also part of the Jury of Experts at the Italian Food Awards USA 2023.

Fabrizio Facchini is pretty active on his Instagram account. The official website of Fabrizio Facchini can be visited to find out about his hidden expertise and latest ventures. 

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