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Luxurious Boutique Cycling Studio Pedal House Expands with Second Location in SoHo

Luxurious Boutique Cycling Studio Pedal House Expands with Second Location in SoHo

NEW YORK, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pedal House, the sweat-driven, high-performance cycling experience founded by celebrity trainer Joey Foley and Nada Foley (husband and wife duo), is excited to announce the opening of their second location in the vibrant neighborhood of SoHo. Their new studio, located at 45 Crosby Street, replaces a former SoulCycle space, marking a significant milestone for the independent brand and the second time they took over a former location of the fitness behemoth. Joey, also known in the real estate industry as Joseph for his real estate consultant, brokerage, and development company JWF Capital, represented Pedal House for lease negotiations, with Jordyn Comras and Jackie Totolo-Newmark negotiating on behalf of the landlord. 

Following renovations to reflect their fitness and brand vision, this 3,357 sqft ground floor and duplex space showcase an aged pine detail, sleek lighting, state-of-the-art sound systems, other warm wood and plant details, stone flooring, and modern white accents. Previously, its interiors received recognition from Architecture Design Magazine for their classes, atmosphere, and interior design. 

Pedal House’s rhythm-based cycling classes go beyond traditional workouts. By incorporating principles of kinesiology, its expert instructors guide participants through exercises that maximize efficiency, ensure proper form, and optimize biomechanics with each pedal stroke. The energizing power of music adds an immersive element to the experience, making it both physically invigorating and mentally uplifting. Renowned for its philosophy of combining rhythm-based cycling, kinesiology, and active meditation, Pedal House redefines the fitness landscape as a transformative program focused on optimizing biomechanics, enhancing movement patterns, and fostering holistic well-being.

In addition to their renowned rhythm-based cycling classes, Pedal House offers the exhilarating Cycling Bootcamp class, formally known as Black Label, which previously was an invite-only class. This fusion of indoor cycling and bootcamp-style workouts provides a high-energy, full-body challenge.

“Our mission at Pedal House is to provide a transformative fitness experience that empowers you to become the leader you always wanted to be, not a follower,” stated Joey Foley, Co-Founder of Pedal House. “By looking at Pedal House as a program versus just a class, one can see diversity in a workout and mental strength. It is easy for an instructor to make you feel emotional. What sets the best apart from the basic instructor is that they will empower you to take on the world.”

Nada Foley, Co-Founder and master instructor added, “Pedal House classes allow me, as a mom of two and married to someone who refuses to slow down, to manage more and feel better. Life has its ups and downs, and we all experience stress and anxiety. Our classes help individuals navigate their emotions and manage them better. Also, my body after both pregnancies was back even better than before in a few weeks, not months. But most importantly, I can escape reality for 45 to 60 minutes.”

Pedal House welcomes fitness enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes, to join their community, for more information, visit

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