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Move Over Fat Lady for Gerard Noir, an All-New Opera Format at the Fringe this Summer

Move Over Fat Lady for Gerard Noir, an All-New Opera Format at the Fringe this Summer

DALLAS, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Move over prima donna. A new jester’s about to steal your thorny crown.  His name is Gerard Noir.  He’s a bass, not the typical and boring soprano lead, and he’s got what it takes to account for that low, bass voice.  He’s a sexy, singing spy and he’s not just going to save the world; he’s going to save opera.

Gerard Noir is more than a play, musical or opera.  Gerard Noir is a movement to create an all-new genre in opera, like nothing you’ve ever seen or imaged, designed to bring joy to a new generation of opera audiences and you can be part of the movement.

Gerard Noir Bares All on Stage and he is LGBTQ+ Friendly

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe performance of Gerard Noir is the first of seven Gerard Noir episodes.  Gerard Noir, similar to James Bond, has been created as a recurring character facing one arch-villain after another, coping with his own inner demons and continuously hinting at his mysterious and troubling origin story.  All this in a very modern, comedic, operatic setting where Gerard Noir is more handsome than bright, more lucky than talented, but very well equipped  and altogether open to exploring new appetites as he navigates this complex, nonlinear, nonbinary journey.

Gerard Noir is Here to Save Opera by Reimagining Opera

Gerard Noir comes to stage as the very art of opera is on the precipice of being reimagined for a new generation of audiences.  The New York Times recently reported on the Metropolitan Opera withdrawing $30 million from its endowment to invest in the development of new operas by living artists because the classics are no longer selling tickets.

Sony Classic Pictures has produced the soon to be release “musical drama” Carmen based on the 1875 opera by George Bizet. The movie has little in common with the original opera other than the name.  Sony’s plot, lyrics and music for Carmen are all new.

Gerard Noir, composed by up-and-coming singer/writer/composer Jared Schwartz, is on the leading edge of the emerging opera innovation movement.  Lin-Manuel Miranda and Brett Goldstein of Ted Lasso fame, among other luminaries, have used the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to experiment with their art.  Jared Schwartz is now following in their footsteps to bring his opera, Gerard Noir to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Join the Gerard Noir Opera Reimagining Movement

Jared Schwartz invites and encourages all opera, music, theater, film and entertainment enthusiasts – to include everyone from theater students to actors and writers looking for a break to those trying to build upon a break to those all important patrons that fill theater seats – to join in the ongoing development of Gerard Noir as a new opera medium for a new generation. 

Gerard Noir continues to evolve.  The opera was recently workshopped and performed in an audience attended readthrough. Casting for Edinburgh is underway to include casting for celebrity one-night-only appearances.  Sign-up on the Gerard Noir website to follow along and participate in the development process.  You could be a part of where Gerard Noir goes from here: a Netflix series of all seven episodes; a new Metropolitan short opera format; maybe a cartoon.  Sign-up and join the Gerard Noir for-the-next-generation-of-opera community.

Watch out fat lady.  Sing all you want. Here we come to create a new standard in when it’s over.

How to See Gerard Noir Live at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Gerard Noir will premiere at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer opening August 4th, 2023.  Gerard Noir will be performed every night at 21:55 through the 26th of August.  The 45-minute opera will be staged at theSpace Triplex (Fringe Venue 38). Tickets can be purchased from the Fringe Box Office online, via their app, or by phone at 0131 226 0000.

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