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Topgolf Introduces New Announcers in the Latest Iteration of its “Come Play Around” Campaign

Topgolf Introduces New Announcers in the Latest Iteration of its “Come Play Around” Campaign

Delivering value for Players in a fun and memorable way is at the heart of the campaign

DALLAS, June 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A typical golf announcer speaks in a calm and respectable manner. The gravity of each shot can be felt through the announcer’s hushed voice and controlled breathing during crucial moments of the game.

Topgolf’s new announcers, who are debuting in the brand’s summer ad campaign that launches today, June 6, are nothing like that.

Meet Chaz Mulligan and Birdie Baker, two puppets created in partnership with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop (yes, that Jim Henson) who have personality to spare and their own quirky senses of humor.

“This next installment of our Come Play Around campaign is about delivering our Players reasons to play and a strong value offer,” said Topgolf Chief Brand Officer Geoff Cottrill. “Consumers are searching for value everywhere they go, and we wanted to find a way to highlight our value offers and summer promotions in a way that felt uniquely Topgolf. Having Chaz and Birdie come to life throughout this campaign allows us to do that in a way that’s fun and relatable.”

Developed in partnership with Topgolf’s creative agency of record, Anomaly, the campaign celebrates the play only possible at Topgolf, using Chaz and Birdie to spotlight all the reasons to play at Topgolf this summer, including Topgolf’s value offer Free:30. The hero 30-second spot features the whimsical puppet announcers speaking from the Topgolf sports desk and highlighting the free extra 30 minutes of game play available to Players weekdays from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. when Players book a reservation – only the spot takes a turn when Birdie misunderstands Chaz and winds up enjoying a Topgolf cheeseburger at the news desk.

In addition to the Free:30 spot, which will air broadly across digital, audio and broadcast channels, Chaz and Birdie will also be seen highlighting Topgolf’s newest game, Block Party, with more spots debuting throughout the summer. See all the current spots here.

Evolution of “Come Play Around”

In late 2022, Topgolf launched the first phase of its “Come Play Around” campaign, focused on inviting everyone to meet the modern golf entertainment leader for the first time. Spots were heavily Player-centric, designed so anyone could see themselves playing at a Topgolf, whether they’re a nurse, biker, sports celebrity or anyone in between.

In 2023, the second installment of “Come Play Around” highlighted the range of feelings Players experience when they play at Topgolf, tapping into the power of hand expressions through a cast of characters known as the “Hand Head Crew.”

Now, in 2024, Chaz and Birdie will take center stage in the third installment of the “Come Play Around” campaign.

“Building on the success of last year’s campaign we needed an idea that allowed us to talk about offers and promotions without losing our playful tone,” said Anomaly Partner and Global Chief Creative Officer Mike Byrne. “So, take the classic earnest golf announcer and make them puppets. Voilà. And that’s the playful vibe you experience at Topgolf. As we like to say, ‘It’s golf, it’s not golf, it’s Topgolf.'”

About Topgolf

A Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp. (NYSE: MODG) brand, Topgolf is the ultimate instigator of play. Thanks to our 100 outdoor Topgolf venues around the globe, industry-leading Toptracer technology, mobile game and app, we’re leading the charge of modern golf wherever our Players are. We offer a variety of tech-driven games, a top-tier food and drink menu, and a vibe focused on more play for all. Topgolf brands are on a mission to enable Players to hit 50 billion golf balls between 2022 and 2025. To learn more or make plans to come play around, visit

Summer of Play Campaign 2024
Creds List

Peter Martin – Directors 
Luke Ricci – President / EP 
Jenni Sprunger – Executive Producer 
Sarah Morrison – Head of Production 
Lawrence T. Lewis – Producer 
Beth Henning – Production Supervisor 
Jason Rin – Asst. Prod Supervisor
Mat Van Assche – Asst. Prod Supervisor
Dafna Harrison – 1st AD
Frank Horn – 2nd AD
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VFX / Finishing – Inti Martinez
Finishing Assistant – Nick Quiles

Geoff Cottrill – Chief Brand Officer
Kara Barry – Vice President, Brand Communications
Lauren Hoffman – Director, Advertising & Media
Michael Dhalliwal – Creative Director
Anna Dietrichson – Sr. Creative Producer
Connor Smith – Director, Social Media & Entertainment Marketing
Nili Kamolidinova – Social Media Manager


Mike Byrne – Global CCO
Craig Schlesinger – Creative Director
Adam Dubrueler – Art Director
Tony Krol – Copywriter
Kathleen Owen – Project Director
Kevin Lyons – Head of Design
Lucca Bernardino – Design Director
Keller Grimmer – Designer
Emily Dondero – Account Director
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Kimberly Edwards – Executive Producer
Andreina Byrne – Senior Producer
Cameron Hussein – Associate Producer
Jordan Spielman – Executive Director, Production
Bona Park – Communications Strategy Director
Langston Williams – Senior Brand Strategist

Andre L. Perry – Photographer

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Amanda Gleason
[email protected]

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