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Adventure Documentary Explores the Unknown World of Galapagos Sea Lions

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “Lions of the Sea,a new adventure documentary that will take audiences on an immersive journey into the compelling lives of sea lions in their unique environment, has begun principal photography in the Galapagos Islands this week. Directed by JAMAICANOPROBLEM, the pseudonym used by acclaimed Ecuadorian explorer and filmmaker Luis Felipe Fernández-Salvador y Campodonico, the film will be a work of fantastic realism, exploring the daily adventures, social dynamics, and remarkable role of sea lions in one of the most biodiverse and protected ecosystems on the planet.

“Lions of the Sea” is produced by the former president of National Geographic Films, Adam Leipzig, renowned for his success in the nature documentary genre, including leading the acquisition of “March of the Penguins,” the highest grossing film of its kind. Paracas Independent Films is the production company behind the film.

JAMAICANOPROBLEM’s films have premiered at Cannes, Toronto, and the Shanghai film festivals.  He previously directed and produced “Son of Man,” Ecuador’s official selection for the Best Foreign Language Feature for the 2019 Academy Awards, as well as “El Cazador.” His most recent film, “Waorani Omede Beye Ante Nee Adani,” featuring an uncontacted Amazonian tribe, is qualified for 2024 Oscar consideration.  

“With ‘Lions of the Sea’, we will reveal the stunning character and beauty of Galapagos sea lions,” said JAMAICANOPROBLEM. “The film will be an emotional journey of love and adversity. We aim to inspire audiences to appreciate and safeguard the natural wonders around us and raise awareness about the importance of conservation efforts to protect these magnificent creatures.”

The creative team bringing the story to the screen also includes Academy Award winners Guillermo Navarro and Nicolas Becker. Navarro, known for his work on “Pan’s Labyrinth” will serve as an executive producer leading cinematography, working alongside for the crew of the world’s best nature and underwater documentarians. Becker, known for his work on “Sound of Metal,” will serve as sound designer, orchestrating the immersive audio ecosystem of the story. Chadi Abo, acclaimed for his work on “The Matrix Reloaded” and “300,” and Oscar-nominated for “The Cave,” will serve as post-production producer. Mido DeSanti will be co-producer.

The project is also supported by a team of globally-acclaimed scientists. In parallel to the feature film, the filmmakers will produce a science-centered documentary designed for international conferences, policy collaborations and educational applications.

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Paracas Independent Films is dedicated to producing high-quality, informative, and visually stunning films that showcase the beauty of the natural world through a lens of realismo fantastico, an original manifesto of its director Luis Felipe Fernandez Salvador.

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