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BLOCKBOARD Hosts “Israel Swings for Gold” VIP Movie Event

VIP event brings together stars of the documentary, including the Israeli baseball team, managers and filmmakers

LAKE WORTH, Fla., March 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BLOCKBOARD, a leading ad tech company, will host an exclusive VIP movie screening on March 7, 2023 with the Israel Association of Baseball of Ironbound Films’ for its latest hit “Israel Swings for Gold” at Movies of Lake Worth in Lake Worth, Florida. The event will offer guests a unique opportunity to meet the Israeli baseball team, managers and filmmakers ahead of the film’s wider release, where it will open on April 7 in South Florida. It will also be shown at Jewish film festivals in New Hampshire, Savannah, Rockland County, Detroit and the Gold Coast Arts Center in Long Island.

“Being a part of this movie from the beginning to end and seeing it come to life has been such an honor for me,” said Matt Wasserlauf, Executive Producer, CEO and Co-founder of BLOCKBOARD. “So much hard work and talent have gone into making this film, and it’s been a privilege to help tell a story of people coming together to overcome obstacles and prejudice. We are excited to celebrate this movie for a one-night-only event.”

“Israel Swings for Gold” tells the story of Israel’s baseball team, composed of Jewish people from all over, including Americans, competing for Olympic gold and facing unexpected bigotry along the way. Having reached the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, the players discover a lack of goodwill, getting the cold shoulder from other athletes and death threats from spectators. With no media in the Olympic Village due to COVID restrictions, the athletes are given cameras to record their experiences. The team’s shared sense of identity unifies the blue-and-white squad, leading to a movie that will inspire pride and cheers from baseball lovers and non-fans alike.

“It was an amazing experience working on this film. The players got personal and intimate footage that we could never have gotten if we had cameras there ourselves,” said Producer and Director of the film Jeremy Newberger. “There is a rare, first-hand look into these players’ emotional journey, and we are proud to share this movie with viewers.”

“Israel Swings for Gold” is the sequel to the 2017 hit “Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel,” which charted the underdog journey of Israel’s national baseball team as it competed for the first time in the World Baseball Classic. “Israel Swings for the Gold” continues the team’s tale. Both films were directed by Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller, and Jeremy Newberger, with Matt Wasserlauf as the executive producer for “Israel Swings for Gold.” The film premiered at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival in February 2023. For more information or to request a VIP invite, please contact [email protected]

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