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Deepfake Conspiracy Theory Thriller “CAVIAR” Now Available on VOD

Deepfake Conspiracy Theory Thriller “CAVIAR” Now Available on VOD

Jacob Michael King’s controversial feature debut featuring deepfakes of prominent political figures is now available for free on Tubi, ad-free on Amazon Prime Video

LOS ANGELES, June 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mutineer Films has announced Jacob Michael King’s horror/satire CAVIAR, which uses deepfake technology to create a new type of found footage thriller, is now available for free on Tubi. The film originally debuted earlier this year on Amazon Prime Video, where it is available to rent and purchase ad-free. CAVIAR was directed and written by Jacob Michael King, produced and edited by Jais Sardo, and stars Betsey Brown (THE SCARY OF SIXTY-FIRST), Al Warren (DOGLEG), James Healy Jr. (NEFARIOUS), Aaron Pruner (RUSTY CAMEL), Sardo, and King.

In a statement, the filmmakers say, “CAVIAR is a new type of horror movie, that uses deepfakes to tell a story about misinformation, conspiracy theories, and the use of technology to establish a global tyranny. While many political and media figures are featured in CAVIAR, our perspective is nonpartisan. Our goal was to tell a funny and compelling story about the unreliability of official narratives, and to protest the erosion of civil liberties across the world.”

Early critical reception has been positive, with Film Threat giving CAVIAR an 8/10, and AIPT calling it “one of the most captivating watches of the year.”

The film’s website features a “rogue” blog with wild conspiracy news, written by a character from the film named Ceasar Green, whom the filmmakers claim has hacked the site.

CAVIAR follows Antigone Corday (Betsey Brown), an aspiring social media influencer. She is mourning the recent death of her brother, Jeremiah, a well-known pundit and voice for progressive causes. Soon, however, she uncovers a conspiracy that throws her worldview, and the fate of the planet, into question.

Here is the official CAVIAR trailer.

Director/writer Jacob Michael King said, “CAVIAR isn’t partisan–it’s punk rock. We wanted to create a daring and truly independent film. Our goal is to challenge viewers with something they haven’t seen before, and to get them asking questions about the increasingly blurred line between fact and fabrication.”

“In filmmaking there’s no rule that can’t be broken, there is only intention and why. The Why is for the audience to figure out, it is for them,” said producer and editor Jais Sardo.

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