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Epoch Original Announces Release of “NO FARMERS NO FOOD: WILL YOU EAT THE BUGS?”

UN Agenda 2030-Driven Policies Are Bankrupting Farmers and Pushing People to Eat Bugs Over Bacon

The Global Conspiracy to “Control the Food, Control the People” May Be Coming to a Supermarket Near You

Documentary Reveals the Untold Stories of Farmers Forced Out of Business and the Government’s Push for Edible Bugs—A Global Food Crisis Ignored by the World’s Media

Premieres September 25 on EpochTV

WASHINGTON, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EpochTV announces the release of “NO FARMERS NO FOOD: WILL YOU EAT THE BUGS?” premiering on EpochTV Sept. 25. This original documentary uncovers the distressing government control over food sources all over the world, including a new war waged against farmers and an agenda to increase consumer acceptance of edible insects.

Watch the full trailer and the first five minutes of the documentary for free at

Host of EpochTV’s “Facts Matter,” Roman Balmakov journeys to visit farmers and industry experts who unanimously raise concern for the rapidly changing landscape of our global food sources. Farmers everywhere warn that our world is headed into a time of significant food shortages where millions of people will find themselves starving or forced to resort to crickets, worms, or other undesirable sources of protein on their dinner plates.

“With the project, I hope to bring the plight of the farmers to light, as well as to expose the existential threat to all Americans that a ‘Green Leap Forward’ represents,” says director Roman Balmakov. “These policies are handcuffing farmers, and forcing them off their generational lands.”

“NO FARMERS NO FOOD: WILL YOU EAT THE BUGS?” is an Epoch Original documentary exposing the hidden agenda behind global “Green Policies,” the untold stories of farmers forced out of business, the disruption this will have on our food supply, and why edible bugs are suddenly being pushed to the fore as a “Global Green Solution.”

EpochTV program “Facts Matter” host Roman Balmakov investigates the rapidly changing landscape of our global food source—the farming industry—through interviews with farmers in the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and the United States. This is the next global crisis that is being ignored by the world’s media.

“The attack on our farmers is so jaw-dropping, I just felt these stories needed a platform to be shared,” says producer Katherine Lee. “I know that our work on NO FARMERS NO FOOD will do just that, give voice to the silenced farming community.”

Footage consists of 50+ interviewees in over 25 locations across the globe, including experts such as Victor Davis Hanson (classicist and military historian), Margaret Byfield (executive director, American Stewards of Liberty), Marc Morano (executive editor/chief correspondent,, Alex Newman (president, Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc), Todd Myers (environmental director, Washington Policy Center), Dr. Jaap C. Hanekamp (nitrogen scientist), Rep. Doug LaMalfa (farmer and California representative), and many others.

EpochTV will host a red carpet premiere of the documentary on Friday, Sept. 22 in Irving, Texas, during the “Stop 30×30 Summit.” This three-day event exists to protect property rights and reverse the expansion of government under the Biden Administration’s 30×30 agenda. To purchase tickets to the premiere, visit

For more information or to purchase, visit and follow us on social media at @NoFarmersNoFoodFilm.

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About Director
Roman Balmakov is a reporter with The Epoch Times, host of the show “Facts Matter,” and the producer of hundreds of video and TV commercials (which were among the most successful campaigns in media history). He has traveled around the country (as well as overseas) covering protests, riots, elections, natural and man-made disasters, as well as communist repression. He has interviewed and reported on lawmakers and world leaders from around the world.


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