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Gala Film Announces Global Premiere of “RZR”

Set in an Alternative Dystopian Los Angeles, Gala Films’ Groundbreaking Series, “RZR,” Takes Audiences into a World of AI and Brain-Computer Interfacing.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., March 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Gala Film, the leading decentralized streaming platform, announces the Global Premiere of its first-ever streaming series, RZR, on April 14, 2024. Starring and created by Award-winning actor and filmmaker David Bianchi (Queen of The South), “RZR” brings a gritty new perspective to science fiction storytelling, bringing viewers into a world of neural implants, artificial intelligence, hacker culture, and black-market crime. This short-form series, broken into eight 15-minute episodes, is set to debut on Gala Film for free, boasting a celebrity-studded cast including BAFTA nominee and SAG Award winner Mena Suvari (American Beauty), Emilio Rivera (Mayans MC), Primetime Emmy nominee Richard Cabral (American Crime) and iconic genre legend Danny Trejo. According to Bianchi:

“Very little short-form content can compete with RZR from a cast and a production value perspective. The team that I was able to assemble is world-class. I’m very grateful for those incredible creators.”

The RZR cast works as a tight ensemble to tell the story of Grimm, a hacker plagued by memories of his time as a soldier in a nuclear conflict. Determined to survive in this dystopian Los Angeles, he strives to ‘bio-hack’ himself in order to connect his mind directly with the internet in order to save the world from itself. In this conceptual world, AI is deeply intertwined with the lives of humans- from AI romantic partners to assistants to surgeons; RZR contemplates a world beyond the realm of imagination for most, where Bitcoin is over $100,000, and computer chips can be embedded into the human brain. According to Grimm:

“This is the kind of tech that people would kill for if they could access it” 

RZR guides audiences into its dystopian premise, Mr. Robot style, thanks to a number of talented directors, including Emmy winner Yuri Alves, Christopher Folkens, and co-writer Daniel J. Pico. These auteurs worked in close collaboration with Bianchi, producer Noelle Hubbell, and cinematographer Matthew Plaxco. This team of creative leaders has brought RZR to an extraordinary level of production value, bringing the look and feel of Hollywood cinema to episodic short-form online streaming, thanks to Gala Film. According to Bianchi:

“This is the first title to come out of Gala Film; it’s unprecedented. We have a Web3 company that is partnering exclusively with Hollywood to create triple-A level cinematic content that is going to function on the node ecosystem on Gala Film, layer one. Gala has always been on the brink of technology and cutting-edge leadership in the Web3 space. Their ability to see the future and understand trends is unparalleled.” 

In a pioneering move, Gala Film is introducing an innovative mechanism for fans to engage with the RZR universe – Mystery Boxes. These digital wonders unlock exclusive content, providing a unique, interactive experience that allows viewers to delve deeper into the storyline and become part of the narrative fabric. According to Eric Schiermeyer, founder of Gala:

We are hoping to unlock a new way for fans to connect with the content they love. Gala is building ways for fans to tangibly own a piece of the world created by visionaries like Bianchi.”

Mark your calendars for April 14th, 2024, and prepare to be part of the future of entertainment.

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About Gala Film

Gala Film is powered by GALA, a leading Web3 entertainment company focused on empowering fans and creators through Web3 ecosystems and true content ownership. Gala is paving the way toward the future of entertainment by developing new solutions and opportunities for developers on their proprietary blockchain: GalaChain.

About Exertion3

Founded in 2008 by David Bianchi, Exertion has produced six feature films, and over thirty shorts and music videos. Exertion has received several major accolades, including the Imagen Award (Latin Golden Globe), a Telly Award for craft VFX, and a multitude of independent Awards. Their work has been seen globally on platforms like Apple TV, HULU, HBO, Paramount +, CNN and more.

About David Bianchi

David Bianchi is a multi-hyphenate actor, writer, and filmmaker with over 120 professional credits in studio films and major network TV, including Queen Of The South (Netflix), Resident Alien (Netflix), Seal Team (Paramount), and many more. His work has earned him membership into the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

As an artist and poet, he blends together his passions, having created his own art genre called Spinema™ (spoken word cinema). The poetic-cinematic experiences he crafts with Spinema™ have led him to become known as one of the most unique creators in the NFT and film space. David has been recognized two years consecutively, in 2022 and 2023 as one of the 100 most influential creators in the world by NFTNow. His work has been curated into exhibits all over the world, including Art Basel, Scope Miami, the LA Art Show, and more. His work has been covered in major press outlets including Forbes, Coindesk and Decrypt.

About RZR

RZR, Gala Film’s first-ever streaming series, plunges viewers into an alternative, dystopian Los Angeles where the convergence of advanced AI and brain-computer interfacing unfolds. Centered around ‘Grimm,’ portrayed by David Bianchi, RZR showcases his journey through a world where technology blurs the boundaries between human consciousness and the digital realm. With a cast featuring Mena Suvari, Danny Trejo, and other notable stars, RZR intricately weaves hacker culture, black-market dynamics, and the pursuit of technological transcendence into its narrative. This series redefines the sci-fi genre, emphasizing the impact of neural implants and AI on humanity’s future. RZR stands as a hallmark of Web3 entertainment, offering a unique blend of short-form storytelling and Hollywood-caliber production.

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