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Goddess Good Fridae’s ‘What A Feeling’ Dropping During TIFF This Friday!

Goddess Good Fridae’s ‘What A Feeling’ Dropping During TIFF This Friday!

The mechanical royalties for the song cleared in one day! Plus, Good Fridae launches, the Good Fridae Foundation.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “I was playing with the music & lyrics and wrestling with the idea of changing it up completely. Ultimately I decided to keep it as close to the original as I could, in honor of Irene’s original artwork. It’s my honor to share my love for her magical, uplifting bop, to the current era of time.

Motivating music is desperately needed right now, to lift people’s spirits and help them believe the good days are around the corner. I’ve been there too, we can have it all, being is believing!” – Goddess Good Fridae

Wednesday September 13, 2023
West Hollywood, CA.– While she’s still enjoying her Toronto International Film festival experience! The Toronto multi-hyphen, non profit indie arts visionary, Goddess Good Fridae, is set to unleash her rendition to the ever popular, Irene Cara classic 80’s hit “What A Feeling”! Good Fridae has been an innovative force in the multimedia world, pioneering the inclusion of all media formats and coining popular terms like “Karen” and “Pick Me”.

Her artistic endeavors extend beyond music, Good Fridae is also a gifted psychic medium, connecting with individuals from beyond and providing those whose need guidance with free advice. Since 2014, she has utilized her platform, the Church Of Aquarius, for philanthropic efforts and advice as an ordained reverend, supporting underprivileged communities.

Recently, Good Fridae took a monumental step by rebranding the Church Of Aquarius to create the Good Fridae Foundation. The foundation remains dedicated to its mission of promoting freedom, equality, unity, love, and peace. It stands as a welcoming and transparent entity, untethered from religious patriarchal systems that have perpetuated oppression.

“This version of ‘What A Feeling’, is not just a musical endeavor; it embodies the essence of empowerment and transformation. It’s about breaking free from limitations and embracing the spirit of the Good Fridae Foundation.” Mark your calendars for September 15th as Good Fridae’s rendition of ‘What A Feeling’ becomes available on all major streaming platforms and her websites. Good Fridae represents both the artistic brilliance and commitment to positively change, the scope of entertainment.

  • Pre-order What A Feeling here!

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Follow Good Fridae on her musical and philanthropic journey’s. Together, let’s celebrate the power of music and the imminent golden age of the Gods!

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