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Juli Tawil – A Journey of Growth and Innovation Through Art and Life

Subtitle: They say that art is a mirror of the soul. Juli Tawil’s artistic journey is an enthralling reflection of her life experiences, passion, and boundless creativity. NY Elite Magazine takes you on a journey through this remarkable artist’s art and life. 

Juli’s love affair with art began at a remarkably young age, 12 years old, when she enrolled in art classes at the “Painting Atelier,” a facility founded by her mother, an artist herself. It was a childhood filled with the vibrant colors of brushes and paints that planted the seeds of her artistic journey.

Juli’s path to becoming a well-known artist, however, was anything but straightforward. She first pursued a career in Industrial Design, where she gained invaluable skills and knowledge. But the allure of art drew her in, inspiring her to turn her passion into a lucrative career. Juli’s technical training in Industrial Design is unusual for a painter, and her artistic skills developed from an early age explain the unique skills and ability she demonstrates with control of her medium, the three-dimensional reliefs, and the colors she uses.

Juli Tawil

Her artistic education was a 25-year journey at Argentina’s “Atelier de Palermo,” where she immersed herself in the world of art under the tutelage of numerous instructors. Her mentor, Omar Martino, however, left an indelible imprint on her artistic development, propelling her into the realms of abstraction and figurative work.

Juli’s brushwork shows the influence of iconic artist Claude Monet, infusing her creations with an array of colors and dynamic strokes. Juli, despite her global reach, finds it difficult to identify a distinct Argentine touch in her work, emphasizing the universality of her art. Juli’s new commissions from clients and collectors around the world attest to the fact that her strong technical skills and innovative techniques have found an appreciative audience among her American and international fans.

Juli Tawil

Her artistic techniques have evolved over time, shifting from realistic landscapes to abstract explorations. Her current technique, the “Dots Series,” is a one-of-a-kind fusion of relief, color, and texture that deviates from traditional art. This one innovation is sure to define a new generation of art that will be around for years to come.

Life events have shaped Juli’s art, with motherhood and marriage being significant milestones that find expression in her creations. Her art reflects her personal development and evolution.

Nature, a never-ending source of inspiration, is at the heart of Juli’s artistic philosophy. She creates pieces that she would want to hang in her own home, always pushing the limits of color and material.

Juli Tawil

“Beautiful Bird,” a piece that marks a turning point in her career, is one of her favorite works. It combines figurative and versatile composition with vibrant colors, demonstrating Juli’s artistic vision.

Juli’s approach to art is summed up in her words: “I went without painting for a few months after moving to Miami with my family while setting up our home. During the relocation process, it appears that I developed a strong desire to paint and express myself. I imagined experimenting with new techniques, colors, and materials. When we finally found our place and I had the time and space to paint, I felt compelled to create a blank canvas, ‘Growing Up,’ as if it were a blank page, from which to begin a new story. That painting inspired the entire Dot Series.”

Her artistic path has been marked by significant exhibitions, including a prestigious showing at the Louvre in Paris, which has led to collaborations and opportunities. 

Juli Tawil

Juli’s long-term artistic objectives are as broad as her art is innovative. She dreams of having her paintings displayed in homes all over the world and of opening her own art gallery to support emerging artists. Juli’s journey is a synthesis of design and artistic expression, a story that is still unfolding, embracing the unexpected and inspiring.

Follow Juli on her Instagram @julitawil_art

Official website:   https://www.julitawil.com

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