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Kevin Mockrin Audition Coach Offers Discount on Services Amid Writer’s Strike

LOS ANGELES, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As a 30-year veteran of the Entertainment Industry including Actor, Casting Director, and now Online Audition Coach, Kevin Mockrin understands the importance of the Hollywood Writers’ strike (and possible SAG-AFTRA strike to join). Mockrin, a strong union supporter having himself been in SAG-AFTRA as an Actor and a Teamster while in Casting, fully stands in support of the writers as they fight for fair pay in a new streaming world and the threat of AI.

“This affects all of us in the Industry,” said Mockrin. “For me personally, it affects my one-man-operated small business, as no written material means no auditions which means no new auditions to coach. They literally write every word of the material I currently coach actors on. Many people are doing everything they can to support the strike while continuing to find work. I’ve heard stories of grips taking carpentry jobs to continue working and not cross the picket line. As I thought about how this may also be affecting actors, I decided I would offer a discount during this down time for them, as a way to keep their skills sharp for when auditions do ultimately pick back up again. I want this to be a win-win as I hope to continue seeing more business, and actors don’t have to spend as much while there are few to no opportunities to earn a living at this time.”

As such, during this challenging time, Mockrin is offering to coach actors using material from his past work in Casting in order for them to keep their skills well-defined and to keep his business open as we await the outcome of the strike. He will be offering his services at a 50% discount using Promo Code WGASTRIKE at his website His site also offers a wealth of information for actors looking to improve their craft, as it’s important to stay proficient during this down time. 

Mockrin, who saw his own Casting jobs halt during the last WGA strike, is hopeful this discount will offer some relief to those actors wanting to continue working on their audition craft. Actors themselves also face the threat of AI taking their jobs, but Mockrin wants to continue helping actors improve their auditions skills to prove that genuine human work and emotion will always triumph over computer generated characters. Everyone throughout the Industry will hopefully benefit from the strike in the end. As one WGA member stated, “This is about more than writers…It’s about how we value human labor. It’s about the truly alarming rise in wealth disparity. It’s about keeping unions strong so we can revitalize our middle class. And it’s about standing up to corporate greed, which impacts everyone everywhere these days.” (source:

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