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Meteor Showers Heralds the Arrival of a Hot Summer with a New Song ‘Heaven Has Another Door’

NEW YORK, July 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the summer nights grow warmer and the skies turn darker, a celestial phenomenon awaits avid stargazers: the Perseid meteor showers.  From mid-July to late August, these dazzling displays of shooting stars paint the night sky in a mesmerizing dance.  And it’s been happening for centuries; the Perseids have captivated and enchanted observers with their stunning beauty and celestial magic as stargazers get the best chance of witnessing this astronomical extravaganza in areas with minimal light pollution, away from the glow of cities.

In this space, we can discover new music from an eccentric singer-songwriter-musician named Anjalts, beaming in her latest song, ‘Heaven Has Another Door’ on July 14.   A fellow sky watcher paving her own cosmic trail of tiny particles in the form of music streaming in an upbeat, genre-bending synergy of heavy drums and rock guitars, piercing the silence like an electric jolt to the imagination.  From the moment the headphones go on, listeners pump up the volume of the iconic pop-punk energy of ‘Heaven Has Another Door’ written, produced, and performed solely by Anjalts as a surprising new track recently added to her second album project currently in the works.  Her star fans continue to follow every song with great interest about this intriguing artist on the rise and releasing a second album in one year.

“Anjalts is writing so much new material right now that the entire album has taken a completely new direction from the songs she originally played for me,” stated IXO Music studio engineer Acen Sinclair, who manages an indie artist development company based in New York, & Miami.  ‘Heaven Has Another Door’ delves into a personal space of how this artist expresses herself entirely through music.  “She is absorbed in every creative aspect of the songs she gives us to release, and although we did suggest she keeps to the same genre from her first album project, her new material reflects a faster-paced, edgy composition and simply needed to be released,” explains Sinclair. 

Anjalts’ music keeps evolving in this serene-like quality away from the noise, even though it has elements of a pop-rock feel.  The track jolts you right from the beginning yet diverts back to Anjalts’ signature alluring melodic voice resonating in the verse that listeners familiar with her music immediately recognize her dreamy-like haze.

‘Heaven Has Another Door’ will be available on all major streaming platforms on July 14, following up her recent releases of ‘Be My Hero’ and ‘Code Blue’ set to be on her second album project due out later this year.   As we acclimate to the heat outside, turn up the music and check out the Perseid meteor shower this summer. 

Listen to Anjalts ‘Heaven Has Another Door’  Here


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