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Show’s Evergreen Library Bucks Broadcast TV Trend Boosting Viewing Year-Over-Year

NEW YORK, Feb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AIM Tell-A-Vision® Group (AIM TV), producers of the nation’s most-watched travel show, Raw Travel®, announced today that Raw Travel has been granted a “firm go” for Season 12 (2024-25) beginning September 2024.  

Season 12 will ride off the momentum generated by the current Season 11, which utilizes Raw Travel’s massive 200-episode evergreen library from the last ten seasons, which has been a hit. Both distribution and viewership have increased in a rare instance of a mature broadcast TV program showing year-over-year growth instead of decline.

“Though we had tested the concept and had an idea it should work, I don’t think we even expected such success for our library. From day one, we tried to produce content that would stand the test of time, and to see it embraced by current and brand-new viewers is incredibly gratifying,” said Robert G. Rose, Executive Producer and Host of the series. “Even with the glut of viewing options available to viewers, broadcast TV still has the potential to grow, and I think there is a broader lesson for the industry. We’ve just scratched the surface of our vast library, so brighter days are ahead. Raw Travel is a proven performer as a great alternative and adjacency for the weekends for sports-themed content,” Rose continued. 

In addition to the library, current affiliates can look forward to a rare event for weekend broadcast syndicated television with Raw Travel’s four-part documentary series, “My Summer in Ukraine,” which debuts on April 27-28, 2024, through the May Sweeps period.

Based on Raw Travel Producer and Host Robert G. Rose’s travels in Ukraine in the summer of 2023, the “My Summer in Ukraine” four-part documentary series explores what it’s like to travel in a war zone as Rose profiles various humanitarians, filmmakers, soldiers, and inspirational Ukrainians. The series will then be recut to feature film length to make the film festival circuit and eventually, a streaming home.

In addition to the on-air content, the series’ supplemental web content hosted at will give viewers tangible ways to help Ukraine and its stations’ news departments with a roster of unique expert guests who can provide a unique first-hand perspective and needed nuance to current news coverage.

Raw Travel’s Season 11 is currently watchable on an all-time high of over 200 TV stations in 185 cities, representing over 97% of U.S. television homes. 

Over its history, the show has raised funds and highlighted scores of non-profit organizations helping the unhoused, orphaned children, people with disabilities, displaced refugees, etc., as well as encouraging earth stewardship, sustainable living, and travel with a purpose, all while maintaining its crown of the most-watched authentic travel show on commercial television.


Raw Travel is an adventure travel & lifestyle series showcasing socially and environmentally aware, independent travel. The series weaves together themes of eco-tourism and voluntourism (giving back) with underground music and authentic culture uniquely. Since 2013, the show has raised funds and highlighted dozens of non-profit organizations helping the unhoused, orphaned children, people with disabilities, displaced refugees, etc., as well as encouraging earth stewardship, sustainable living, and travel with a purpose.

Each weekend the show is broadcast in 185 U.S. cities on major broadcast affiliates and several international territories (Asia, Africa, Europe…). It can also be found on several major airlines. AIM Tell-A-Vision Group produces the show and oversees its domestic and international distribution. Visit for more information. 


AIM Tell-A-Vision (AIM TV) Group is an independent production, content, and distribution company founded by media veteran and entrepreneur Robert G. Rose. Since 2000, AIM TV has produced and distributed positive, compelling content that reflects a mission of presenting “Media That Matters.” Visit for more information.


Robert G. Rose is an independent media entrepreneur and travel journalist. During his travel journalism career, Rose has traveled to dozens of challenging, politically charged destinations to film, including Haiti, Cuba, China, and Vietnam (all while undercover), Colombia, Georgia (including Russian-occupied territories), as well as Russia (2010) and Ukraine before and during Russia’s full invasion. Rose spent a month in the summer of 2023 filming in Ukraine, documenting his experience traveling with volunteers, interviewing soldiers and civilians, some while subject to Russian bombs and munitions.


“My Summer in Ukraine is a four-part documentary series filmed during Robert G. Rose’s travel to Ukraine in the summer of 2023 with Anastasia Zui, a Ukrainian-based cinematographer, as they traveled through various parts of Ukraine, such as Kharkiv, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Irpin, Bucha and more with humanitarians, soldiers and more.  The documentary seeks to show a unique side of war that most are not aware. Tragedy, resilience, sorrow, and exceeding joy. “My Summer in Ukraine will premiere on April 27, through May 19, 2024, on broadcast TV before hitting the film festival circuit.

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