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The M Factor Film exploring menopause debuts October 18

LOS ANGELES, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — “The M Factor: Shredding the Silence on Menopause” is a groundbreaking documentary that will empower and educate the 1.1 billion women worldwide who will be in menopause in 2025.

The film by Emmy-Award-winning filmmaker Jacoba Atlas and executive producers, Emmy Award-winning journalist Tamsen Fadal, Denise Pines, and Emmy Award-winning Joanne LaMarca Mathisen premieres on PBS October 18th, coinciding with World Menopause Day. Despite its universality, menopause has remained shrouded in stigma, silence and misunderstanding, contributing to the broader women’s health crisis.

“The M Factor” features renowned doctors like Dr. Sharon Malone, M.D. FACOG, NCMP, and Neuroscientist Dr. Lisa Mosconi, leading advocates for women’s health addressing timeless questions that have long plagued women, helping to enhance their quality of life. Women of all walks of life open up about the physical and mental anguish they live with every day. Doctors and policymakers speak out on the changes that need to be made, especially in the workplace where roughly 44% of women are over the age of 45. The film also sheds light on disparities faced by Black and Brown women as they assess their treatment options. 

Menopause represents a significant transition in women’s lives that can have long-term consequences from cardiovascular disease and bone loss to dementia.  Despite its impact, the healthcare system inadequately prepares physicians to address menopause and its symptoms. That needs to change, and this is the beginning.

Produced by Women in the Room Productions and Take Flight Productions, “The M Factor” aims to educate physicians and empower women to seek proper healthcare support.

“This is a silent epidemic resulting in billions in lost wages, upended careers, family disruptions and emotional chaos,” says Denise Pines, Executive Producer, Women in the Room Productions.  

Funding support provided by the Metta Foundation and private donors. The producers are launching a 12-city screening tour, ensuring that “The M Factor” sparks conversations and drives change in women’s midlife wellness. Updates on

About the Producers:
Women the Room Productions amplifies stories dealing with social justice issues, women and people of color. Recent documentaries include award-winning “Birthing Justice” and “PUSHOUT: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools,” both aired on PBS.

Take Flight Productions, founded by Tamsen Fadal, is a women-led production company seeking to elevate powerful stories in order to create awareness and implement change.

Contact: Ginger Campbell
[email protected] or 213.760.7414

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