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The “Next Benji” and Father-Son Acting Team Make You’re OUT! a Standout for Gravitas Ventures

CHICAGO, July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nationally syndicated radio host Steve Dale describes You’re OUT! as “National Lampoon’s Vacation meets The Hangover with a dog hero.” Bobbi, a rescued pit bull mix, plays the canine extraordinaire in the feature comedy film. From crashing a wedding to “jumping out of a plane,” Dale says, “Bobbi is the best canine actor since Benji.” Not surprising since she’s owned by actor Maxwell Jenkins (Lost in Space, Joe Bell, and Dear Edward).

You’re OUT! follows Rod Browning, a pro pitcher who never made it to the Bigs, as he convinces his best friend to take their sons on an outlandish cross-country road trip to get the boys recruited by a top-tier college baseball team. On the way, they find a homeless dog played by Bobbi and take her along for the ride.

Writer Sandy De Lisle says, “We wanted to cast a blocky headed “pit bull” dog to show that all dogs are individuals and have the potential to be family pets.” With so many dogs in shelters looking like Bobbi, De Lisle hopes people will give adoptable dogs a chance at a loving home no matter their appearance.

The hilarious and heartfelt film is chockful of Chicago talent, females in power positions (the director, director of photography, producers, and writer are all women), and actors who are related in real life.

The real-life father-son team Edward Kaihatsu and Kenji Kaihatsu star in You’re OUT!. Edward is a high school fencing coach and a part-time actor, and Kenji is a college student with no acting experience. When Covid hit, the filmmakers took a chance and cast this duo in their feature to reduce the risk of exposure during production.

“I’ve done a lot of commercial work, but this was my first time as a lead in a feature film. It was an amazing experience, and acting with my son made it that much more memorable,” the elder Kaihatsu says. Marie Adler, CEO of Adler and Associates and the film’s foreign sales agent, says, “Edward Kaihatsu’s outstanding contribution shines bright.”

De Lisle says newcomer Kenji Kaihaitsu “nailed his clueless Spicoli-type character (Fast Times at Ridgemont High).”

The principal cast also includes the real-life husband-and-wife team Shannon Brown (Halloweed, For Hannah, Smothered by Mothers) and Suzette Brown (Finding Hope and For Hannah,), and Kyle Patrick (Chicago Med and A Bennett Song Holiday).

The movie was directed by Chicago filmmaker Katharin Mraz. who began her career as an actress and production designer (Teacher and 30 Miles from Nowhere). A Korean adoptee, Mraz is seeing success with her short film KAD and is in post-production on the feature film Schizolove.

Iconic Chicago White Sox organist Nancy Faust, an MLB Hall of Fame inductee, adds baseball nostalgia to the film with her organ music.

You’re OUT! is distributed in North America by Gravitas Ventures and begins streaming on major platforms on July 28. It’s currently available for pre-order on Apple/iTunes. A Chicago theatrical release is planned for late July.

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