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Traveling south to hear the compelling tales of contemporary China

— The documentary “The Next Exit” will air soon

BEIJING, March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A new documentary filmed by CMG Film, Drama and Documentary Programming Center is set to air this month. 

David, a Russian Phd. Student at Peking University, has spent ten years living and learning in China. He speaks Chinese fluently and is a better calligrapher than most Chinese university students. However, he had always yearned to see more of China for a deeper understanding of its vibrant and authentic culture. Recently, David got the opportunity when CMG Film, Drama and Documentary Programming Center called him to take part in a highway trip that would follow the viewpoint of the international students in China. The other lucky international student in this program was Haruka, a girl from Japan who was also a PhD candidate at Peking University now and had spent quite some years living in China.

Over the course of this four-month journey along the 3,700 kilometers long G15 Highway, which runs across 7 provinces and the international metropolis Shanghai, David and Haruka not only experienced the breathtaking sunrise over the sea and the beautiful scenery of the wetland landscape, but also spoke with the scientists, engineers, artists, and businesspeople who worked on the nation’s most high-tech industry, and were exposed to “Nanyin Song” and “Yingge Dance,” two of China’s intangible cultural legacies.

Talking about the feeling of this journey, David said, “This decade, I saw China’s tall buildings, neon lights flashing, and a lot of people rushing forward, but through this trip, I saw another side of her and some Chinese people calmly engaged their life in only one pursuit, who gained my respect.” Haruka thought that what touched her the most along the way was the people who worked so hard, which made her think more about herself and dare to explore more possibilities in her life.

What’s more, the documentary “The Next Exit” will air on March 8th to 11th at 20:00 on CCTV-9, and there will be more exploits.

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