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Which Film Received The Most Support From The Audience This Year

Announcing the ShortShorts Film Festival Asia 2023 Audience Awards, Most Viewed Award and Finalists of the FiNANCiE WEB3 Award & Creators’ Award

The award-winning films will be screened at the Screening in Autumn

SHIBUYA, Japan, July 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 25th “Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA),” the biggest international short film festival in Asia officially recognized by the Academy Awards closed its online venue on July 10th and announced the “Audience Awards,” which were selected by audience votes from among the nominated shorts in the Live Action Competitions and the “Most Viewed Award,” which is given to the film with the highest number of views among the shorts screened in the online venue.

In addition, the finalists of “FiNANCiE WEB3 Award” which was given to the film using WEB3’s technology & decided by members of FiNANCiE’s token-issuing funding, which supports creators and “Creators’ Award” determined from the creators’ perspective by domestic and foreign submissions were announced as well.

The “audience award” that was most supported by the audience at the Tokyo and online venues went to Poland’s “Sparrow” from the International category, Korea’s “Nowhere Else” from the Asia International category, and from the Japan category, Kyogen actor Mansai Nomura’s directorial debut, “Tiger’s Cave”, in which Masataka Kubota plays a lonely young man in modern times. The story is based on the motifs of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and Atsushi Nakajima’s “Sangetsu-ki.” As the Most Viewed short on the online venue, the human drama “Strange” directed by Ken Ochiai, starring Towa Araki and drag queen Dorian Lollobrigida won the award. The finalist of the FiNANCiE WEB3 Award jointly established by FiNANCiE and SSFF & ASIA, which develops token-issuing crowdfunding using blockchain, were German documentary “. Ulf Nawrot – 40.000 Post-Its” and Taiwan comedy “Dark9 Community”. Hong Kong animation “Everywhere” and Sweden documentary “LIVE TILL I DIE” were also announced as the finalist of  Creators’ Award selected by domestic and foreign directors who submitted to this year’s film festival.

Each award-winning short film will be screened at the Short Shorts Fall Film Festival’s Screening in Autumn event held in October, along with films from each category, including the Grand Prix = George Lucas Award winning short film. 


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